Monday, February 23, 2015

Kiddy Fun at Grandstand Review

Update as at 28 Sept 2016, Kiddy Fun has ceased operations.

Even though we've been to Fidgets @ Grandstand twice, I've never noticed that there is another indoor playground -Kiddy Fun at the Grandstand!
It was only when I was googling online for more indoor playgrounds suitable for toddlers that I chanced upon Kiddy Fun at Grandstand.

Oh did I mention how much I love going to Grandstand? Considering the convenience and free parking there. Imagine my delight when I discovered yet another indoor playground alternative for Sticky Bean at the Grandstand!

We went there on Valentines Day morning, being a Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised that Kiddy Fun weren't as crowded as Fidgets. We were at Fidgets the other day on 2nd Jan, Friday, guess too many people were on leave that day given the long weekend and it was mad crowded and chaotic, I've to keep a really close eye on Sticky Bean to prevent her from getting pushed or trampled over by the older kids. I can't imagine the crowd on a Saturday over at Fidgets.
You can read my review on Fidgets @ Grandstand on a weekday over HERE

Kiddy Fun caters mainly to children below 6 hence the play structures and rides are suitable for toddlers and Sticky Bean had plenty of fun there! But older kids might get bored pretty fast there.
I love the pastels colours at Kiddy Fun and that the whole area is well padded so it's real babies and toddlers friendly.

The play structures are very similar to those at Singkids Playsystem and the fees are so reasonable at a mere $12 for 2 hours of play for babies below 18 months.

As you can see from the photo, it's not exactly a huge place but good enough for Sticky Bean and us. And yes that's the crowd on a late Saturday morning. It does get slightly more crowded after lunch, though.

she super loves this merry-go-round but prefers standing on it than sitting on any of the animals

Sticky Bean first station was this cute merry-go-round. She loves standing on the platform, though, instead of riding any of the animals.

But her favorite is definitely the following floating balloons station! She spent the most time inside there. Oh, do bring a jacket for your little ones as it is really cold at this station. There are 4 fans blowing from the top and it's really cold in there!

discovered the balloons and climbed up to explore

ah-ha! Caught a balloon

hello, mama!
Not too keen on this automated see-saw, though. I've to put her up there and she's been wanting to get off it.
guess she spotted something else more interesting

can't wait to get off the face

This ride is pretty similar to those spinning tea cups ride at an amusement park and it might be more suitable for slightly older kids? The cups can spin really fast and if you are not careful, the child may just fly out of it

Too big for Sticky Bean, she almost spun out of the ''cup''

Some kind of climbing structure which is obviously too advanced for Sticky Bean 

a revolving climbing tower where older kids can climb to the top looks fun

a swing, also too advanced for Sticky Bean. I tried to let her sit on it but this thing is moving too fast for her to handle
a carousel
A water-filled trampoline, which she doesn't really know how to jump yet

Attempting to climb up this helicopter-looking structure, which is too dangerous for her I think, she may just fall out of it easily.

 Kiddy Fun even had a babies / toddlers corner! It did entertain Sticky Bean for a short while.

Jump Baby Jump!!!

An area filled with foam blocks catering to the younger ones but Sticky Bean is not so keen here

She went ahead, climbed upstairs and discovered something more exciting

There's actually a ball pit and a bouncy area upstairs but I didn't manage to capture any photos argh.
Also, adults aren't allowed to enter..booo..It's a good thing that Sticky Bean can manage to get in and out of these 2 areas well. She didn't spend a lot of time in there as well

And for Daddies and mummies taking a break, there's a cosy area for us to rest too. It gives you the perfect view of your kids playing.

All in all, we fell in love with Kiddy FunSticky Bean had plenty of fun there, the play structures were suitable for her, the place was well padded and we don't have to hover around and watch her like a hawk. Fees were reasonable and yes we're definitely coming back! 

I'm even contemplating if we should sign up for their package..*grinz** Kiddy Fun has got to be our favourite indoor playground for Sticky Bean as of now!!

Psst..Sticky Bean is turning 17 months in  a couple of days! We should totally bring her there more often before she turns 18 months and the fee will jump to $18 instead of the current $12.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to Make Sensory Bottles for Babies & Toddlers

My first attempt at DIY Sensory Bottles for Baby Ashlene. Really it’s so simple to make and the end result is so pretty!
This DIY Sensory Bottle is also versatile, there are just so many variations we can do.

Major plus point is that the materials are mostly recycled, unwanted stuffs or in the case of poms poms, really inexpensive. With its versatility, it can keep your toddler occupied for quite a while!

This is my  first version of a DIY Sensory Bottle for Baby Ashlene. 
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

It's a visually stimulating sensory bottle of glitter poms poms with some silver sequins which I've found lying around in my office. Shall try the next one with glitter as well. I’m sure it will look so much prettier with glitter. I love it so much that I’ll make one for myself to put at work, now I know why it's also called a calming jar. It does make someone feels peaceful and lighten your mood when looking at it. 
Seriously, this photo just ain't doing justice to this DIY sensory bottle it looks really pretty in real life when you see the poms poms and glitter swirling around.
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers
To DIY a sensory bottle for visually stimulating version, all you need is:

- A recycled plastic bottle
- Water 
- Poms poms 
- Sequins or glitter

Just need to fill the bottle with water and insert the selected objects inside. It will be good to place some glue on the cap before you twist it in to prevent babies or toddlers from accidentally opening the bottle and ingesting the objects.

I got the following poms poms from Taobao for $3.80 inclusive of shipping to Singapore. But it can be purchased at Spotlight as well.
How to make Sensory Bottles for Babies / Toddlers

Besides being fascinated with this DIY sensory bottle, there is something else that kept Baby Ashlene occupied for a long time and it has something to do with the poms poms!

Having fun with poms poms

She love putting the poms poms into the bottle, taking them out (with my assistance) and then putting them back in again. But this has to be done under supervision as she has the tendency to put things into her mouth.
How to make sensory bottles for babies or toddlers
There're plenty of variations you can experiment with DIY Sensory Bottles for your babies or toddlers.
You can try to Make a Sensory Bottle that creates sounds and rattle with the following:

- Empty bottle
- Rice / beads / beans
- little plastic objects such as dices, bells, plastic figurines, beads

Really the creations are just never ending! I'm so addicted to it, I''m trying to collect more bottles and to create different versions altogether.

Here're some other ideas found online:

a version with just glitter

Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby Fairs 2015 Singapore

Because Mrs. Keir's BFF is expecting a baby, I've been looking out for Baby Fairs all over again, this time round it's Baby Fairs 2015!
I know we've just missed one Baby Fair (BabyCare Festival 2015) happening in early Feb but I've scanned through the diaper and milk formula deals, nothing fantastic.

Thought to share the list of Baby Fairs 2015 happening in Singapore with everyone here. Thought there're only 2 on the list for now, will continue to update as and when there're additional Baby Fairs 2015 to add on.

There are a few Baby Fairs happening a year, each of them claiming to be the ''biggest'' baby fair so how will we know which one to go? Especially if it's located all the way at Singapore Expo, just to share a tip - other than visiting the website to check on the list of exhibitors, I'll also gauge if the Baby Fair is worth going by looking at the number of halls they are in.
Exhibitions in Expos are by halls, sometimes you will see the venue as Hall 4A or Hall 4B, usually such fairs are relatively smaller, occupying half the hall only. So if you see Hall 4-6 , its really a mega fair or even a fair occupying an entire hall is pretty decent enough. 

1. Baby Market 2015
Venue:Singapore Expo
Date: 9 - 12 April 2015
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00pm

2. Supermom Bazaar
Venue: Suntec Convention Level 4
Date: 28 - 30 August 2015
Time: 10:00 am to 8:00pm

3. Young Parents Fiesta
Venue: Marina Square
Date: 26 - 28 June 2015 (Fri - Sun)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sticky Bean's Milestone - Self Feed at 16 months

When it comes to her milestone development, Sticky Bean's just pretty average I reckon. She learnt to walk when she's close to 13 months.

And now at 16 months, she's learning to self-feed with a fork. Of course, she's not proficient yet so we still have to guide her and help her at times. This is when i found this product exceptionally useful!
The munchkin stay put suction bowl. This is a must have for us both at home or when we are eating out. Love how it suctions the bowl in place and makes it so much easier for Sticky Bean to try eating her snacks or in this instance, self feeding. 
It caught us by surprise when we decided to just pass her a fork and see what she will do. To our surprise, she knew what to do with the fork. Thanks to the observation skills that most babies/toddlers are born with.
Self feeding with the munchkin stay put suction bowl definitely makes things a lot easier. What else to discourage a toddler from self feeding from a bowl that is constantly moving and when he/she has difficulties getting the food?
We've got ours at $15 at one of the Baby Fairs. It comes in a pack of 3 bowls of different sizes but only the smallest one comes with a lid.
It can also be purchased in most departmental stores or from iherb

Our sticky bean sure is growing up fast. They are learning new things everyday just by observing the adults. This little cheeky girl even knows ''pretend-play'' now, she'd pretend to be eating when she's playing halfway, use whatever toy that she has and pretend it is a spoon with the 'mum mum mum'' sound effect.

Aww Sticky Bean, you simply melt Daddy's and Mummy's heart with your cheekiness. If only you'd learn to stop screaming for things and try to speak the words....