Friday, December 16, 2016

Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review - Day 3

Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Day 3

As with all holidays, time seems to fly whenever you are having fun and we've came to the last day of our staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World. =(

Sticky Bean was so used to 'going back to hotel room' all these while and was most reluctant to check out of the room. She insisted that she wants to go back to 'hotel room' to sleep. 
We managed to get a late check out at 1pm so we went for a swim at Hard Rock Hotel in the morning before going back to the room to wash up.
Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review
Check out was a breeze. In fact there's no need to queue at all. Just drop your hotel keys at the designated box and your're done! You can leave your luggage at the Festive Hotel Resort World concierge after checking out. If you drive, do remember to redeem your complimentary parking coupon at the concierge too.
Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review
And so we redeemed our parking coupon and proceeded to keep our barangs in the car before heading back to this Hongkong cafe just next to the Casino for brunch.

I love this bowl! Both the bowls are actually connected! 

SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
Heading to SEA Aquarium

This is when your selfie stick comes in handy!

finally reached the entrance of SEA Aquarium

For some reasons, Sticky Bean loves kissing this fish

Mesmerized by the size of this 'fish tank'

We love that the SEA Aquarium is indoor and air-conditioned after being in the heat and outdoors for the past 2 days. By Day 3, we're pretty exhausted actually.

finally entering the aquarium proper

giant octopus whose tentacles look yummy for some reasons

These jelly fishes have to be one of my favorites. They are so pretty to look at.

Look! colourful jellyfishes!

You have a huge viewing gallery right towards the end where some families will just rest there, have a little picnic to enjoy the scenic view.

found a little kids corner where they do colouring activities for kids

Look who we bumped into as we're about to leave??

It's Pikachu!! As it's a low peak period, we were lucky to be able to take photo with Pikachu as well!

Sticky Bean got to pick a little souvenir to wrap up our first staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World.

SEA Aquarium Review
We love the huge variety of species at SEA Aquarium. The tanks were huge and majestic. One can spend a great deal of time just sitting and looking at the fishes swimming. But when you have a young child in tow who lose interest after a while, you spend most of your time chasing after her like we did. Unless a child is into marine animals if not you may like to think twice before investing in a ticket and bringing your child there.

My Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation verdict: We had an excellent time at Festive Hotel, Resort World. We love the staycation. However the fact that the package came with admission tickets to 3 attractions means the itinerary was pretty packed for the full 3 days. Will be nice if they have a package which comes with just 1 attraction. We were so drained out at the end of our staycation at Festive Hotel Resort World. 
It was a blessed thing we stayed there from Wednesday to Friday hence we have the weekend to recover.
Our next try will be Equarious Hotel at Resort World and will definitely try to go with a staycation without the multi-attractions package.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review - Day 2

Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review - Day 2

Rise and shine! It's Day 2 of our staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World! We had a good sleep, the bed is so comfy. After washing up, we're ready to go for our breakfast at Slappy Cakes, which is just next to the Universal Studio.

We're ready to spend the full day at Universal Studios and load up on bread for our tea breaks as well. No admission tickets are required for children under the age of 4.

Slappy Cakes Review
Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review Slappy Cakes Review
At Slappy Cakes, you can choose your own batter and draw your own pancakes at a really reasonable price. Even though Sticky Bean got bored after awhile, the Adults definitely had fun drawing our pancakes.
They are pretty generous with their servings as well.

A groupfie! Today we have Sticky Bean's favourite Uncle Shian joining us!

A very excited Sticky Bean

Tadah, draw a mickey mouse pancake for her

Still very excited and game for more poses

hmm, can I eat my Mickey Mouse pancake already?

She, who can't sit still after breakfast
 Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review  Universal Studios Review
A must take wefie in front of the globe

The madagascar carousel

Her flying dragon

Look! The Minions! 

Wefie at Transformer ride shop whilst waiting for Daddy & Uncle Shian.
We're so blessed that Uncle Shian came to join us today, if not Daddy and I will have to take turn on the rides again and it kind of sucks taking rides all alone.

Against, whilst waiting for the boys to finish their Mummy Ride.

We were lucky to catch the Sesame Street show on our way out at 5pm

You really need a full day at Universal Studios. We're lucky that Sticky Bean met the min. height requirement for all of the kiddy rides so we took all of them. Though the weather was a little warm that day, she had so much fun and so did we.
Boy did a visit to Universal Studios drained all of our energy. So much such that Mr. Keir had a fever the evening. We were also just too exhausted to go anywhere for dinner, we ate cup noodles in the room instead.
Sticky Bean didn't mind hanging out in the room of course. She had a splashing good time in the bathtub and I had a good soak as well!

This marks the end of our Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review day 2.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Resort World Singapore Festive Hotel Staycation Review - Day 1

And so, after much deliberation, we finally booked a 3 Day 2 Nights staycation at Resort World Sentosa. Under the 3 Day 2 Nights promotion which comes with 2 adult tickets to 3 of their attractions - Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium and Adventure cove, you can select a hotel of your choice. You may like to take a look at the package here.
You will need to select the date for the admission tickets to the above attractions and we've planned ours in this sequence:

Day 1: Adventure cove since we definitely need the room for wash up and being only 3, Sticky Bean probably will not spend the full day there so 2-3 hours is more than enough for us

Day 2: Universal Studio - this got to be a full day!

Day 3: SEA Aquarium - after checking out at 12pm, we can then have lunch and check out SEA aquarium. Something less intensive for the last day.

Of course having a young child with us, we've decided to go for the Festive Hotel Deluxe Family room which comes with a bunk bed for the child as well as an additional sofa bed. Even though we did not allow Sticky Bean to sleep in the bunk bed as its scarily high up there! So if given a chance again, I'd probably go for Equarius hotel instead, the rooms there are really spacious I heard.

We had our staycation in early November and it seems like it was a super low peak period. Say YEAH to that!! This means, early check-ins, late check-outs and hardly any queues wherever we went!

Getting there
If you are taking a cab or uber there then it will be so much more convenient of getting dropped at the hotel lobby.
But if you're driving there like us, follow these directions:
1) Park at the WEST Carpark
2) Follow signs to the Resort World Convention Centre / Hard Rock Hotel
3) You will need to turn left after the Casino drop off area
4) Go up to level 1 to park if you need direct lift acess

Silly us parked at the Basement and realised there isn't any lift access from there. Thankfully we bumped into a really helpful staff of Resort World who helped us with our luggage using the escalator while we focus on our pram and Sticky Bean.

As it was the super low peak period at Festive Hotel, Resort World Sentosa, there were hardly any queues during check in. Though official check in time was 3pm, we were there around 1pm and was delighted to find out that the room was ready!
Also if you need a room with a bath tub, do remember to highlight this during check in. Not all Family Deluxe King room at Festive hotel comes with the bath tub.

Remember to get a goodie bag for your child too. For some reasons, we got 2 goodie bags (a stress ball, a lighted wristband, a toothbrush & water bottle) which kept Sticky Bean entertained during the check in.

Time to check out the room!

Sticky Bean & Daddy chillaxing on the kind sized bed already... 

The bunk bed for kids which is really too high up! 

This sofa unfolds into a double bed - they claimed. But it's more like a single bed really.

The bathroom with full amenities and toiletries

Bath tub as per our request!

Love the spacious balcony with a nice view of the pool and cable cars just above us

 Our favourite swimming pool has to be this! The one at Hard Rock Hotel with a man-made beach

Cable car hanging right above us.

Adventure Cove Review
Because we were lucky to get an early check-in, we had the luxury of time to chillax a little in the room before heading off to for lunch and to Adventure Cove.
We had lunch at Ramen Play. Follow the directions to the Casino, it will lead you to where all the food is!

The direction to Adventure Cove wasn't so clear unfortunately. It's behind SEA Aquarium. Once you get out of the food place and come out to the open, you should be able to spot SEA Aquarium, just walk around SEA Aquarium, then you will be able to spot Adventure Cove.

That's the walkway to Adventure Cove

Finally at the entrance. Check out how 'quiet' it is

There are plenty of tubes like these for you to keep your footwear

Even a blower to blow dry yourself if you need it. It cost $5 per blow though and I've never seen anyone using it.

They provide lockers which are reusable too. $10 for a small one and $20 for a big one. So from this point, we deposited our bags and mobile phone in the locker, so there won't be any photos available. You may like to visit the website to check out the water slides they have as well as the professionally taken shots.

There are also ample life jackets and floatation devices for young children all the way to adults, hence you do not need to bring them at all.

Personally, I will not recommend Adventure Cove for young children as the only place suitable for them will be a small wading pool at the Sea Horse Getaway below

Or the Big Bucket Treehouse which is like a mini water playground for children.

Most of the rides require a child to be at least 120cm. Because we have to keep an eye on Sticky Bean who refused to go on the Adventure River, I only managed to go on 2 rides. Mr. Keir was sweet enough to offer to look after Sticky Bean while I went to try one of the rides - 1 of which I can't recall the name and the ride ain't anything memorable and I went for the snorkeling session at Rainbow Reef as well.
It's a good experience for people who have not tried scuba diving. But because I used to Scuba dive, the snorkeling experience ain't anything new to me.
Do be careful not to cut yourself against the rough rocks and reefs though like I did.

The scraps' pretty bad and took a while to heal =(. By the time we wanted to leave, Sticky Bean finally warmed up to water play and wanted to continue riding the slides at Bucket Treehouse. But she was so cold, she started shivering so we decided to call it a day and went to wash up instead.
If you ask me again, I probably will not visit Adventure Cove in the near future, we prefer Wild Wild Wet to Adventre Cove for now.

So we were back in the room for a good rest and to do a proper wash up. Thankfully I brought ample long sleeves for her as the room can get pretty cold and it's important to keep a young child warm especially after a day of water play

Complimentary MILO packets were provided as well. This is definite Sticky Bean's favourite. Enjoying her hot cuppa MILO while posing for the camera

CRANE Dance Show at Waterfront

We timed our dinner such that we can catch the free CRANE show at waterfront which takes place at 8pm immediately after dinner.

There's still abit of time before the show so we checked out the Candylicious Store!

The only reason she love this place is becuse of the kid-sized trolleys! Sticky Bean definitely have a lot of fun pretending to be shopping for her items and putting candys in her trolley.

 And so the CRANE Show is starting!!! Do try to get there earlier if you would like to get a good seat.

The effects were pretty nice and Sticky Bean enjoyed the show too. Even though it consist mainly of music, lights, and some water spray. Mr. Keir and I got bored after a while though. We're glad that I've bought her favourite Garettes cheesecorns so she can munch on them while enjoying the show.
You may like to check out the schedule for Crane Dance here.

That kind of sums up the tiring Day 1 of our staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World Singapore.

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