Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baby's items

We still have >4 more months to go, but we've already started buying bit by bit for the necessities. As my brother advised, it's better to take our time and buy the items bit by bit than wait till last trimester and rush to get everything at once, very "xiong on the pockets as well".

So we just went to look see when we happen to be out on the weekends for any good deals, or sales items and to purchase some items for fun, in just limited pieces so we won't over buy.
though it's so hard to resist buying the cutesy girlish stuff for baby girls!

here's what we have on hand, little sticky bean even start to receive pressies already.
i've couple more items ordered online, which has not arrived yet.

As for big ticket items such as cots etc, we'll buy it probably nearer to last trimester or at the taka fair happening end july.

Let's start off with the lovely pressies sticky bean has received:

 Hanging musical mobile to keep her entertained in the cot.

very cute pair of socks, both from Auntie joey and uncle Andy! These were sticky bean's very first pressie! when they bought the pressie, the gender is still unknown, hence the neutral colours hee..

The following 2 items were bought at Motherhood expo fair end May.
At that time, we're still unaware of sticky bean's gender, hence it's so difficult to buy things. we have no choice but to stick to the neutral colours which ain't as nice imo compared to the pinky or blue sets.

set of rompers, 4 for $16, usual price was $28. Sticking to the neutral colours and we thought to buy a bigger size, hence this is for 3-6mths. looking at it now i think the designs look very boy leh, maybe at that point in time the whole world was guessing sticky bean is a boy, so i ended up choosing this set..haha..

also 2 sets of carter's hankie at just $6!! the material is good! very soft, there's 8 pieces in each pack i think. heard that we will need plenty of hankies, hmm not sure if these suffice.

and then, we happend to shop at OG chinatown after visiting the travel agency in chinatown to settle our babymoon short getway and there's 20% storewide so we got the following items in newborn sizes for sticky bean, since auntie joey shared that it's not easy to find the tie string design in our heartland area and tie strings are good for newborns since they go easy on the umblical cord area.

Recommended by Auntie joey for the neutral and cooling design. after 20% it's only $2.30.

tie strings kimono style shirts for newborn. the sizes are so small and it look so cute! since baby gona outgrown it soon so we only bought 2 pieces. it's  more like a, everywhere we go we just buy 1-2 piece if deal is ok, perhaps also to "get into the mood" for preparing for baby's arrival lolx...
the tops are at about $6.90 each, after discount $5.50 and materials seems so soft

got this panda rompers cos Daddy likes the design! haha..just in case we need to bring sticky bean out when she's still wearing new-born size. else at home she'll probably stick to just tops and pampers below since she'll be swaddled most of the time especially during the first month.
$12.90, after discount: $10.32

then, ever since we found out that sticky bean is a girl, my shopping spree for girly stuffs begin! haha..mostly we purchased online though i have 6 pieces purchased in a taobao spree before knowing sticky bean is a girl, it's a pity cos the designs i chose then were all very neutral, still waiting for the items to arrive.

Just went to Baby Kingdom over the weekend with Mr. Keir and my brother and got the following items.

can't resist buying something girly for sweet sticky bean. especially when it's on discount at just $4.90. a cap with matching socks. since sticky bean needs a wear caps to protect the head if we happen to bring her out in the early months.

                         again, offer item save $5 so just buy to standby in case i started leaking early...which i hope not..

Bought this after seeing my brother buying one pack, ahah, they are preparing for their 2nd baby's arrival  too and it will be about 4 weeks earlier than mine. it's a good thing so we can go basic necessities shopping together and "copy" what they buy since we're clueless on most things.
This is to be used with the cloth diapers we're intending to use. Haven't purchase the cloth diapers yet since mum is going to bangkok next week and she wants to see if it's cheaper to purchase the cloth nappies from there..

 and here comes the "biggest" buy so far.
Philips / Avent sterilizer.
Initially we wanted to wait for Taka fair to purchase but saw this bundle deal at baby kingdom which seemed to be very similar with those deals at expo.
costs $138 inclusive of sterilizer and 3 milk bottles, Free 2 huggies wet wipes.
Avent milk bottles are not cheap to begin with, close to $20 per bottle so the bottles itself is worth $60 already. hence we thought this is a really good deal. comes with 2 years warranty too.

Aftere baby kingdom, we happend to be at OG albert area, again we saw very good deals for baby's clothes! so as usual, our SOP, we bought one set. haha.. for 3-6mths, 2 piece for $5 only!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodie Bag from Pre Natal Package

What a pleasant surprise, we didn't expect to receive a free goodie bag or welcome pack upon signing up for our pre-natal package at James Lee Women's Clinic.

Since we've decided to stick to Dr. James Lee to deliver our sticky bean, it only make sense to sign up for the pre-natal package.

We can do so from 14 weeks in fact.

So what does the pre-natal package entails?

For a lump sum of $700, it includes 14 consultations + scans and basic multivitamins.
That makes each visit to be $50 only! Else separate consultation before the package costs as $120 - $150 each time.

We can also claim this outpaitent amount from medisave at the hospital when we give birth later, cap at $500.

and so here's what included in the little goodie bah, mostly milk powder samples for the mummies..

 Mummies milk powder samples from Similac and S26. Tried the S26 but er..totally cannot take the taste at all, personally i find a strong unatural metallic taste in the milk which taste nothing like the usual low fat milk i've been taking.
Haven't triede the simila mum yet though.

Long champ look alike bag from Similac, looks a tad too small to be a diaper bag, and i've one long champ bag of this size, can't put this bag into usage yet...perhaps when bringing baby out for a short while can use? it should fit some diapers and milk? i duno..

Safety scissors for baby from S26.

Actually i like this best, it's a rattle soft toy from cordlife, finally something i know will be put into good use.
Wanted to ask for a pink one since we found out sticky bean is gona be a girl, but hmm...paiseh to ask also so just make do with this.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr

Ok, I know I’m supposed to do a more detailed post in our detailed scan last week but on second thoughts, I’ve decided against posting ultrascan images of our sticky bean. Again, pantang….sorry…but hey most babies look similar on the ultrascan anyway. 20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr

So we went to Novena Medical Centre for our detailed ultra scanning as Thomson Medical is fully booked.
I didn’t realized the one at Novena Medical Centre is actually under Thomsonsmedical as well.

There’s hardly any waiting time at all, minus the registration part and the detailed scan costs us $140++.
My appointment is at 12pm, we reached about 10 minutes earlier so after registration is done, our ultrascan started on time at 12pm.

There’s about 3 ultrascan rooms over there if I didn’t recall wrongly.

The sonographer seemed pretty experience and quite friendly, she’s talking most of the time, perhaps we were way too quiet for comfort as we were worried about the ultrasound since my amniotic fluid was on the low side.

So they did the typical measurements on baby’s limbs, head, stomach and everything is fine except for the head.
Not sure is it due to the low amniotic fluid at early stage, sticky bean’s head is on the flat side, instead of looking a nice, round shape. =(
However gynae, Dr James Lee, kept reassuring us that is perfectly fine and baby’s head shape will change either later in pregnancy or even after baby is form.

Hope it will change soon and not affect her looks.

-          Brain : looks good
-          Kidney: looks good, as in it’s there, sonographer say from scan cant really tell if kidney is working a not but the fact the amniotic fluid went back to normal, it probably suggest that there’s enough urine produced by sticky bean!
-          Spine and posture : looks good, this was among the hardest to capture other then the gender as sticky bean was lying so comfortably in a face down position, legs bent, hardly moving much during the scan other then swinging her legs or arms from time to time
-          Heart: looks good as well
-          Nasal bone seen, no cleft lip detected
-          Umbilical cord: normal with 3 blood vessels

All in all, the results still made us extremely happy from then on.
I still can’t get over how sticky bean listened to mummy’s plea for her to straighten her legs for a while and she did so immediately. Ain’t it amazing? Does baby really understand what you’re telling them when they are in the tummy?

Of cos following the excitement, I’ve been surfing online almost daily for clothes and relevant items for sticky bean..gosh I really ought to stop before I get out of control!
20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr

Another milestone completed:
I’ve booked my post natal massage lady, recommended by my sister-in-law who’s giving birth to her 2nd child in October.
Apparently her then looking 5 mths preggie tummy after giving birth reduced so much in size after the massage done by this malay lady and her charges are really reasonable at $50 per session.

The ones I’ve seen at motherhood expo charges from $80 per session loh.

At 21 weeks now, sticky bean's movements has became more and more obvious, albeit still seemed a little like fluttering but definitely can feel it very much obviously now.
it became more regular and fixed at certain hours too, she tend to move lesser in the morning and start to move more in the evening and alot more at night when i'm lying in bed.
it's an amazing feeling inside you, whenever i feel sticky bean and if i'm driving or at home, i'll talk to sticky bean to acknowledge her presence.

these days, seem to have problem falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning though, the fatigue feeling is crawling back again, tend to feel tired and sleepy at work in the late afternoon and start to stone from there onwards.

our next gyane check up is in another 3 weeks, at 24 weeks preggie. can't wait to see sticky bean again and hope she's growing well, shall continue to drink lots of water in the meantime. 20 Weeks Detailed (anomaly) Scan at Novena Medical Ctr

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finding out the Gender of Our Baby - It's a Baby Girl!

Just went for our nerve-wrecking 20 weeks detailed scan yesterday, will blog more about it  later on while contemplating to post some of our lil princess's scans not - kind of pantang you see.
But can't blame me after what i've went through, better to be safe than sorry.

still can't wait to share this piece of exciting news.

We're having a Baby Girl!!

contrary to most people's guesses, well almost everyone was guessing that i'm having a boy, based on how swell up i look, how swollen my nose is, how greasy my hair became and how my skin broke out so badly on the face, on the body, everywhere~!!

It was a no wonder that our dear little girl was so shy, for the past few scans, she's either clamping her legs so tightly together or she's in a kneeling, cross legged position with her feet covering the groin area that we have difficulty finding out the gender.
Even during the 30 minutes detailed scan, she was also in the cross-legged position, knees bent, covering her groin totally such that the sonographer almost gave up.
And then, I spoke to baby, ask her to be guai and please straighten her legs for daddy and mummy to see for a while, and guess what?
She straightened her legs almost immediately! It all happened too fast and i didn't expect that to happen till the sonographer went like -oh she's moving she's moving, it's a circle, it's a girl! ya, a girl and she repeated thrice it's a girl. - as noted by our dear Mr. Keir.

at the point in time, a wave of emotions came over me, there were tears in my eyes, i was filled with joy and felt relieved at the same time.
Mainly because we were kind of paranoid that baby always seemed to be in kneeling position with legs folded, we were worried that it could be due to lack of space that causes baby not to straighten her legs or if she's having any problems straightening her legs at all.
now that we have a perfect view of her with her legs straightened & sonographer commenting her posture looks alright and ok, we felt so relieved..

no words can describe how relieved we felt after our detailed scan when everything went smoothly, most important of all, my amniotic fluid is detected as Normal by the sonographer!!

Not sure if being so emotional is one of the pregnancy traits but after our 20 week scan, i seemed to feel even more bonded with our baby girl, perhaps i've been holding back prior to the 20 week scan for fear of bad results.

for now, i can't wait to start scouting around for girly clothings & items for our little princess. it's tough buying clothes for baby when you've no idea what the gender is.. though we've bought a few pieces of rompers and mittens here and there...and ...oh we need to start shortlisting the name too!!

i'm still feeling so excited now as i'm typing this!!