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Finding out the Gender of Our Baby - It's a Baby Girl!

Just went for our nerve-wrecking 20 weeks detailed scan yesterday, will blog more about it  later on while contemplating to post some of our lil princess's scans not - kind of pantang you see.
But can't blame me after what i've went through, better to be safe than sorry.

still can't wait to share this piece of exciting news.

We're having a Baby Girl!!

contrary to most people's guesses, well almost everyone was guessing that i'm having a boy, based on how swell up i look, how swollen my nose is, how greasy my hair became and how my skin broke out so badly on the face, on the body, everywhere~!!

It was a no wonder that our dear little girl was so shy, for the past few scans, she's either clamping her legs so tightly together or she's in a kneeling, cross legged position with her feet covering the groin area that we have difficulty finding out the gender.
Even during the 30 minutes detailed scan, she was also in the cross-legged position, knees bent, covering her groin totally such that the sonographer almost gave up.
And then, I spoke to baby, ask her to be guai and please straighten her legs for daddy and mummy to see for a while, and guess what?
She straightened her legs almost immediately! It all happened too fast and i didn't expect that to happen till the sonographer went like -oh she's moving she's moving, it's a circle, it's a girl! ya, a girl and she repeated thrice it's a girl. - as noted by our dear Mr. Keir.

at the point in time, a wave of emotions came over me, there were tears in my eyes, i was filled with joy and felt relieved at the same time.
Mainly because we were kind of paranoid that baby always seemed to be in kneeling position with legs folded, we were worried that it could be due to lack of space that causes baby not to straighten her legs or if she's having any problems straightening her legs at all.
now that we have a perfect view of her with her legs straightened & sonographer commenting her posture looks alright and ok, we felt so relieved..

no words can describe how relieved we felt after our detailed scan when everything went smoothly, most important of all, my amniotic fluid is detected as Normal by the sonographer!!

Not sure if being so emotional is one of the pregnancy traits but after our 20 week scan, i seemed to feel even more bonded with our baby girl, perhaps i've been holding back prior to the 20 week scan for fear of bad results.

for now, i can't wait to start scouting around for girly clothings & items for our little princess. it's tough buying clothes for baby when you've no idea what the gender is.. though we've bought a few pieces of rompers and mittens here and there...and ...oh we need to start shortlisting the name too!!

i'm still feeling so excited now as i'm typing this!!


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