Friday, January 27, 2012

A Unique Wedding Invites Idea

Having done the traditional invites for the relatives, here're the rest of the invites for the modern guests.

Yes it's our wedding invitation in form of a movie ticket. As we're doing a Cinematic night, so thought this idea will be perfect.

Initially it was just an idea while sharing with a colleague on our wedding theme. Who knows it became an idea came true!!
I'm very lucky to have met another bride who had the same theme as us! She shared her ideas and templates with me as well.

and so this is another DIY project of our wedding. Also she's introduced a very reasonably priced printer to myself and i've actually tried using this printer for my events for my work.

So when it comes to printing these movie tickets with perforation. The price is really reasonable! It costs as much as what our venue is charging us for printing 200 pieces of traditional invites loh.
I printed 150 pieces of movie tickets though.

Tadah. Look at the perforation. All at the same costs as printing a traditional invite.

It's just that there's alot of manual work to be done when you DIY your invites. First is the artwork, i resized and re-layout couple of times to get the measurements right. Then it's the sending for print and collection followed by the slotting in of these tickets in cards provided by our wedding venue.

So we've to measure the tickets and use a penknife to cut the slot to hold the tickets.
The other killer is tying the silver string as a decor, didn't know that kind of strings can be so difficult to tie.

Also we DIY our map and directions, print it out, cut it and inserted them into our invites too.

Very much like a production line, we managed to complete all these somehow..phewzzz....
Although it may not look very pro, but it's done with our utmost sincerity and made with tons of love and effort for our beloved guests. =)

Traditional Wedding Invite Template

I've spent sometime typing out the traditional wedding invites with Chinese wordings.
Gosh i thought it was relatively easy till i get down to doing it in photoshop format.

After which i deeply regretted. Could have done it in microsoft word too. Just that photoshop makes the layout easier i guess?

Anyway the chinese wordings are so cheem. To make it worse, it's supposed to be in a vertical format, making the layout all the more trickier.

But the good thing is, I've completed mine! we only need less than 20 pieces of traditional invites with chinese wordings for the relatives, we've no choice but to DIY.

Print, cut and insert it ourselves.
Luckily i found this old treasure of mine. = Patterned Scissors!
bought it while i was doing scrap booking sometime back and i remember at a steal too! Finally it came into good use. hehz.

2 major advantages of using the scissors. Firstly the inserts look so much nicer. Secondly, cos it's patterned even if you did not managed to cut a straight line, it's absolutely ok as it's not obvious at all. I've problems cutting things straight somehow..lolx

Although it may not look as professional as the usual hot stamped gold or silver traditional invites, we're still pretty satisfied with our DIY project.

Though we have to rush through this by CNY so that the invites can be distributed whilst visiting and that we probably had a few squabbles here and there, Mr. Keir still agrees that the sense of satisfaction upon completion of this project is simply great!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Engaging a Popular / Recommended Justice of Peace

Well, it can be quite a hassle to ROM outside ROM venue.
Firstly you have to contact a Justice of peace of your choice and check with them on their availability before you can E-file over at

Based on ROM's info, there're at least 1,000 justice of peace / solemnizers for you to choose from.
But most of us would like to play safe and engage those that has been recommended right?
So it's the same, usual few JPs who are among the hot favourite.
Now come the challenge, you can't engage them too early - more than 3 months prior to your wedding as they can't confirm their schedule as well and engaging them too late, they're already booked for others ROM..

Grrr..I never know it can be so much of a challenge engaging one of them. Well, actually we were a little late, we can start last month which is 3 months prior to our wedding date but we were too busy Nua-ing & slacking away so by the time we remember, it's like 2 months left to our wedding..LOLx..

Anyway, here’s a list of some of the more popular / recommended Justice of Peace / Solemnisers with their contact email.

These days I think most of us preferred to email than to personally call and enquire, hence I picked only the ones with email addresses given..lolx..and I won’t be posting their mobile numbers publicly, so if you want their mobile, do drop me a note ya.

Most of them were described as being jovial, friendly and tells a joke or two instead of being all so serious during your solemnization.

1. Mr. Phua Tan Tee – Hot favourite! The most popular JP. Replies email very fast.


2. Mr. Chia Ti Yu – replies email almost instantly. He called me upon receiving my email


3) Professor Yu Shi Ming – replies email within a day too. He’s often travelling though.


4) Mr. Peter Lee – many raves about him


5) Mr. Simon Sim - family life ambassador who does marriage prep talks as well. Very passionate about his job


6) Dr. Kwoh Chee Keong – very nice & repsonsive


Actually almost all of the above I’ve contacted were really nice and reply within a day.
There’re 2 more which I’ve contacted, but one of them also highly raved, Mr. Yeo Woon Soo is not longer solemnizing and the other one, I only have the mobile number.

Out of the 8 solemnisers contacted, only Mr. Simon See is able to solemnize for us at our designated time..*phewzz**

Next year is a hot year for weddings and I think there’re like tons of couples getting married in the year of dragon as well. Especially if your wedding is on a hot date or weekend, do engage your justice of peace early.

Save the stress loh..

We’ll be meeting Mr. Simon See later this evening to sign the consent form.
From what I understand, some of them do not meet you at all till your wedding day, everything is done via email or fax. But some JPs would prefer to meet you face to face and they actually take time off their personal time to do it.

Shall share our experience with Mr. Simon See after our meeting this evening.

Steps to Getting Married Outside ROM

1. Go to List of Licensed Solemnisers

2. Invite a Solemniser near your home (inform him/her of your marriage details such as venue, date and time).

3. Download ‘Solemniser Consent Form’ and obtain his/her signed consent (this can be done via meeting or fax).

4. ‘File Notice of Marriage’ at During filing, you will need to submit the following details:

• Bride and Groom’s NRIC No. / Passport No.
• 2 witnesses’ NRIC No. / Passport No.
• Solemniser’s name, licence number, date, time and venue of solemnisation
• Credit Card Details

5. At the end of filing, print and read the ‘Filing Instructions’. To have a licence issued for solemnisation, please go to the ROM on the day/time allotted (usually 3 to 4 days before solemnisation) for Statutory Declaration, verification of documents and collection of marriage documents.