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DIY Toddlers Activity: Pipe Cleaners

Just like the other DIY Toddler's Activity - the pom pom drop activity, there can be a few variations to these. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for some other examples.) Pipe cleaners are another versatile item to help toddlers build their fine motor skills and a perfect material for DIY Toddler's activity

For a start, i did the following version. Just using the pipe cleaner and recycle her puffs' container by cutting some holes on the cover. Voila!
This DIY Toddler's Activity using pipe cleaners kept her occupied for yet another evening whilst I prepare dinner.
See how focus she is, trying to insert the pipe cleaners into the puffs' container.

I will do another version with the sprinkle/ spice bottle and cut up the pipe cleaners once I've finished using my spice bottle.

Sticky bean @ 18 months
Some other ideas and examples of  DIY toddler's activities using pipe cleaners:

Age attempted: 18 months
Duration entertained: 15 - 20 minutes
Will I try this aga…