Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gown Fitting

 alrighty, here's our first Gown Fitting Photos.
Initially was still unsure if we'd made a right choice choosing Sattine Bridal as our bridal studio.
But after the gown fitting and that we've to re-arrange our photoshoot day due to my last minute business trip. We're pretty contented with their service by far...

Our co-ordinator is a nice lady who's pretty friendly I supposed. Haha and she actually allow us to take photo!
That's quite surprising as some of the reviews I've read about from other brides say that most bridal studio do not allow them to take photo at all, so alot of time they have to take photo secretly.

I didn't keep track of the no. of gowns I've tried but the session took about 3 hours plus and gosh am i kind of tired and lazy after a few tries and we're like ok la..this one not bad, that one also not bad..

End up we just 'chin-chai" chose what we thought was the best that suits my body shape or flatter my body shape rather.

I'm not exactly slim nor have a good figure you see and being short and stout, there's a limitation as to what kind of cut suits me.

Anyway I did not choose any of the gowns I've posted below..hehez..keep it as a surprise for my guests ma..

Left: very sweet, princessy gown! but too bad the babydoll cut doesn't compliment my short and stout figure.
Right: oh man the wasit area looks so mummified!!!

this is actually quite nice and the fluff below is actually very unique. Design is pretty new too but uhm doesn't look that flattering from the front due to the layers they've used around the waist.

another shortlisted gown as with the gown above. This A-line cutting compliments my short and stout figure actually. But i found it a tad too plain, hence never choose it in the end. Actually my Da-sao was saying i find it plain cos i'm not fully accessorised yet, on the actual day, it'll look ok with the veils and all.
Ay but TOO LATE! gowns chosen can't be changed already.

that's a huge difference on how adding a sash brings a totally different feel to the same dress altogether. This is actually the same gown as the one above.

Left: MY BFF and Mr. Keir actually love the one on the left, the moment i step out they went like,,NICE!! this was the only gown that receieved such reaction from them loh. But the Day gown is already white and if i take anor white based gown for night, very boring leh. I wanted to wear this during the day though but Blk n White they say no good..=(
Right: ooh this one very classic and the only bright gown i've chosen for my photoshoot..hehez..

Left: this one is a just try for fun gown but the cutting actually quite flattering too.
Right: anor just try for fun gown and i'm glad i can actually wear a Mermaid gown leh..minus the fact that i'm posing with a protruding tummy. lolx

since i'm already there, really must try all kinds of cut then we'll know which one is most flattering for my body shape. hence the Toga.
Conclusion: Toga cut is really meant for those with height and of a relatively longer neck and shoulder or body. Take a look at how short and stout it made me look and then compare with the models below.

oh man..Look at how different the gowns look on these 2 models and on me..(the photo above and below this)
I'm really convinced you need to be damn tall and with a slim figure to wear these 2 gowns man.

left: quite elegant actually
right: looking like a goose but it look fabulous on the model la..

these are actually outdoor gowns for outdoor shoot but i didn't choose any, cos reckon gona have alot of white gown shots on AD already?
trying to add some colours to the selection and this gown make me look like airport runway.

not forgetting, this one too! WAhahhahhaa i can't remember what were they pointing at le..

And finally, we chose Mr. Keir's suit, the white/ ivory one seemed to be flattering for him and the gold/champagne one is a really unique colour for him to suit my night gown too...hehe..

just gotta think of a nice shirt for him to match with this champagne one.

Gona try to see if we can tailor make his tuxedo shirt and another shirt for the photoshoot..keeping fingers crossed that the tailor is open this saturday morning,. Shall share the lobang here if the price is really reasonable with good workmanship.

Bridal Heels Bought!

One of the most difficult items for me...HEELS!!
Gosh cos I've got a small but FAT feet..just like me, short and to find a pair of open-toe heels that will fit and compliment my fat feet ish like trying to look for a needle in a haystack.

And then I've got to know from Facebook that TANGS Studio having sale! So we hoped over to Vivocity last sunday to take a look since the discount is as much as 70%!!

and guess what?

I've found my perfect pair of heels!
Woohoo!! no doubt it looks kinda plain for a bridal heels but eh, actually my gown are all pretty long with trains so my feet can hardly be seen at all, moreover i chose this ivory colour so that it goes well with the day wedding gown and night ball gown too!

Not only that, cos it's not that bling or drama-mama, i can wear it on other normal occasions after the wedding too!

It's better than investing in a pair of bling heels just for bridal use and to chuck it at one corner after that.
Yes you might be able to wear to other dinners, but how often will that be?
And do you know that your heels / shoes will actually spoil if you haven't been wearing them for a while? just like a bra too!

Ok other then it complimenting my fat feet completely, it's also super comfy!

And here's why! the sides of the straps are all elastic so it won't cut into your skin while you walk.
We probably need to be walking around alot on our actual day, so a pair of comfy heels is like super important loh!
and the best's only SGD30 after 70% discount...Wahaa..super saver!

And oh did i mention especially that my night ball gown is super duper heavy? it's the heaviest gown they have in the shop and probably the most expensive one too, with all the little details on the gown..ahah tons of blings, embellishments, heavy satin, ribbons etc.

Where to buy Movie Clapper Board in Singapore?

Finally!! After tons of research online and scouting around, comparing prices in ebay, I've found the Movie Clapper Board in Singapore! Woohooo...

You know how you remember seeing things at certain shop when you do not need it and totally can't recall where you've seen the item once you need it?

Well I do know that Universal Studio does sell the Movie Clapper Board, but i think their version look like this;

Not very suitable for our cinematic night, which is more of a drama series title / movies theme. Moreover, I'm not sure of the price Universal studio is selling but it sure doesn't cheap.

Then there's our trustee e-bay selling all kinds of items. From China sellers to US sellers selling the "hollywood" version that looks like this;

Again, ours ain't the kind of Hollywood Movie Glamour Night..and we're Asian afterall! Kinda weird to pose with a Hollywood clapper with Asian faces ain't it?

The china ones are cheaper from as low as USD20 or even USD15 i think but shipping alone easily costs another USD15 at the very minimum so the cheapest I found including shipping is around USD35 and above?

With shipping you risk getting a damaged product too.
Let alone our photoshoot has ben shifted forward and I'm not sure if the product will arrive in time for our photoshoot.

A movie clapper board definitely adds a different feel to the photo altogether!

Hence Soon-to-be-Mrs.-Keir did not give up.

Still,  I would like to introduce 2 of my best friends! One of them as introduced before is GOOGLE! And today I'm gona introduce another one and her name is ASKING!

I managed to locate a camera shop selling it through GOOGLE.
And found another also Camera accessories shop via ASKING an ex colleague from Canon.
Well the camera ppl surely have this kinda lobang hehez..

 And so here it is.....

Guess how much it is?

Only SGD20!! woohoo i thought i'd found a really good bargain and they have the white version too.
This is the place i've went to get this clapper board - not sure if the one i've gotten is the last piece though.

Camera Accessories BranchNo 5 Coleman Street #02-18
Excelsior Shopping Center Singapore 179805
( next to Peninsula Shopping Center- pls enter entrance opposite the FireStation  )
we are open daily from 11.30am - 7.00pm - mon to sat

                                                      we are open only on Alt Sunday open  11am - 3pm
( pls call to check if Open )

Closed on Public Holiday

The other shop i've found via Google is selling at SGD25 and here's the addy:

LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION!!!! This Movie / Television Clapper-Board is used for editing, video productiion, home movie, camera photography, and much more. It can be marked on by chalk. It will add the interest of making family movie or photography.

Material: wood.
Size: 27cm*16.5cm
Weight: 415g

El` Dorado Global Pte. Ltd.
122 Middle Road,Midlink Plaza #01-06,Singapore 188973.
Tel: +65-63386959. Mobile: +65-91280300.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Photoshoot Venues

We've pushed forward our pre-wedding photoshoot by 2 weeks due to my last minute business trip.
Thankfully our bridal studio's coordinator has been really nice and helpful in arranging another day for us despite the fact that she has to co-ordinate with so many different parties - the make up artist, photographer, availability of studio and the gowns and suits we've shortlisted...

really appreciate her help. But now everything has to be in a rush cos we're left with literally only this weekend to get what we needed for the photoshoot...

1) the most difficult to get = my bridal heels : heng this one i've managed to find the perfect pair at Vivocity last week! What's more? it's at Tangs 70% off!! woohoo i only paid like less than $30 for my bridal heels & it complements my fat feet plus is soooooo comfy la...really happy with my purchase, will post pics later.

2) Shirts for Mr. Keir - especially a tuxedo cut white shirt to go with his prince charming white suit hehz..(probably will do a post on our gown/ suit first fitting last week later...)

3) stockings for my short gown to complete a certain look i want to achieve

4) props!! gosh i'm like looking for a hair wig for mr. Keir now & a movie clapper board!

5) casual wear - we haven't even think of this yet..

And of cos one of the more important factor is the Photoshoot Out Door Locations!

Of cos there're always the usual botanic garden, sentosa area but nah....the whole idea of our wedding related stuffs will be a little out of the norm, so nopiez we're not gona take those scenic shots of sashaying along the beach @ sunset, looking sweetly at each other amidst the greenery or playing among the lalang field...- it's really very not us you see, we ain't exactly the lovey-dovey kinda couple but more of the always poking fun and irritating each other kind of couple.

Thankfully we do have a general idea of what style we want to achieve out of our photography. We want a more lifestyle approach reflecting our true self.

Erm sorry, not gona share the location of our intended photoshoot locations yet till i get the actual approval & when we're done with the shoot then i'll post some pics here? hehz...

In the mean time, for the typical couples or friends looking at the usual scenic venues or locations for your photoshoot, here are some areas you may want to consider.


1) Botanic Garden - like duh of course!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
<HDR> Singapore 新加坡 - Fort Canning Park Visitor Centre 福康宁公园游客中心
3) Hort Park
Sembawang Park

6) in fact all kinds of parks loh..

7) Puggol Lalang field
Lalang field in singapore

Changi Broadwalk

4) Tanjong beach @ Sentosa (sunset view especially)

City / Architecture

1) Ann Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill Park │ Singapore

2) Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill
3) Chinatown
4) Raffles Hotel
5) CBD District - Raffles Place
2008_11_26 - Raffles Place
6) Marina Bay / Marina Barage
7) Chjimes

1) Henderson Wave

Henderson Waves

2) National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

3) Asian Civilisation Museum / ARTS museum in fact all the museums but you gotta pay like $100

All other interesting places that's meaningful to you! The place you met, the place you par tor, the place he propose, the place you first held hands.yadda yadda.

If you need more images or the exact location of the venues above, I shall introduce you my Best friend.

Her name is Google! =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY-ing own Wedding Logo / monogram

We can easily create our very own wedding logo or monogram without any designing background nor software!

Just download some of the free fancy fonts , install it and play around with it. Experience with different font sizes and even different caps and fonts for your names.

Now I'm wondering which combination to use..if we were to use our initials it's gona be:
- D & A sounds a tad weird? 
- D & D (Des and Drea)
- Des & Drea (sounds so much beta)
- Desmond & Andrea (too long winded hor?)

Anyway I've downloaded some fonts from Dafonts there's so many fanciful fonts there that you'll definitely be spoilt for choices!

And i did a random test on Microsoft word....

The results' not bad right? I haven't even try to be fanciful yet. May wana try out on photoshop tonight to make it look more like a Logo. =)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Snippets to the Theme...

had a brief catch up with one of my jie-meis cum wedding coordinator cum arts director cum consultant cum ideas generator a.k.a Ella..haha..
actually she's really one of my best ex-colleagues ever and we used to do product launches and other activities and events together, though she's usually the one in charge of everything since she's doing marcoms. hehz..

That's like a perfect person to help come out with ideas and source for vendors and stuffs since it's been part of her job all these while! Looking at the successful events she's done for work, i certainly have no doubts on her ability & creativity even though it's her first time in wedding related event ahaha.

Ok back to the theme, we're still sticking to a cinematic night but i would like to clarify that cinematic may not just mean Movie, it can include tv series, dramas etc right? ahaha...

Actually i'm in a dilemma as to how much to reveal in my blog. If i were to list out each and every idea with photos, then the guests who happened to read this blog wouldn't have much of a surprise eh...

let me see, time flies, we've about 5 months plus to go..omg...

so here're some ideas for our themes

1) wedding favours - this of course must be movie related.

This is one of the relevant one i can find and that fits the budget and with the local suppliers carrying this product.
i thought it's pretty pratical, being a photo coaster..hehz...
There're so many popcorn look alike wedding favours too but it's a pity that most of the suppliers are located overseas and i really want to save myself from stressing over shipments calculation and if the shipment really arrives at all.

2) Centrepieces

something like that will be cool..i kinda like the one of the bottom left..but it's probably gona be a DIY project, so don't expect too much ya...
I'll be using real actual film reels on each table since i have them, the only worry is that they are freaking heavy la! so...let's see..perhaps i'll just make do with films and remove the reels.

3) a life size cut out of us!

of cos, it ain't gona be as plain as this, it's gona be more interesting than this. and trust me, everyone's gona get humoured with our style!
eh actually that depends on the outcome of our casual pre wedding photoshoot and if the photographer is able to capture that kind of effect we wanted.
1 of our wedding shoot series will mimick after a popular, interesting TV show..hehez..
this i shall keep it as a surprise for all of you.

4) ang pow boxes

Wah this is one of the most important leh...=X
initially Ella & I thought of making a mega box of popcorns for the ang pow box with real pop corns for decoration on top..but after deep consideration, it's probably gona attract ants and can be done only on that day itself. quite mafan & i honestly don't think the jie meis helping out at the reception will enjoy touching it each time...lolx..

Tadah! wahhhaha..ok just for laughs...
we're probably gona DIY the ang pow box with a DIY movie clapper for the top and some images for the body of the box...ahaha...definitely without the china flag!

Okz enough snippets revealed! Are you getting as excited as I am?

Also while surfing for more ideas, i realized that a hollywood movie theme has been more popular...ours gona be a mix of both so hence called it cinematic.
*hint* don't expect it to be as glam as a hollywood theme ya..

No budget la...

even if budget is low, i'd still hope to do a little something to make this experience fun & enjoyable to thank our guests for being part of our celebrations. :)