Gown Fitting

 alrighty, here's our first Gown Fitting Photos.
Initially was still unsure if we'd made a right choice choosing Sattine Bridal as our bridal studio.
But after the gown fitting and that we've to re-arrange our photoshoot day due to my last minute business trip. We're pretty contented with their service by far...

Our co-ordinator is a nice lady who's pretty friendly I supposed. Haha and she actually allow us to take photo!
That's quite surprising as some of the reviews I've read about from other brides say that most bridal studio do not allow them to take photo at all, so alot of time they have to take photo secretly.

I didn't keep track of the no. of gowns I've tried but the session took about 3 hours plus and gosh am i kind of tired and lazy after a few tries and we're like ok la..this one not bad, that one also not bad..

End up we just 'chin-chai" chose what we thought was the best that suits my body shape or flatter my body shape rather.

I'm not exactly slim nor have a good figure you see and being short and stout, there's a limitation as to what kind of cut suits me.

Anyway I did not choose any of the gowns I've posted below..hehez..keep it as a surprise for my guests ma..

Left: very sweet, princessy gown! but too bad the babydoll cut doesn't compliment my short and stout figure.
Right: oh man the wasit area looks so mummified!!!

this is actually quite nice and the fluff below is actually very unique. Design is pretty new too but uhm doesn't look that flattering from the front due to the layers they've used around the waist.

another shortlisted gown as with the gown above. This A-line cutting compliments my short and stout figure actually. But i found it a tad too plain, hence never choose it in the end. Actually my Da-sao was saying i find it plain cos i'm not fully accessorised yet, on the actual day, it'll look ok with the veils and all.
Ay but TOO LATE! gowns chosen can't be changed already.

that's a huge difference on how adding a sash brings a totally different feel to the same dress altogether. This is actually the same gown as the one above.

Left: MY BFF and Mr. Keir actually love the one on the left, the moment i step out they went like,,NICE!! this was the only gown that receieved such reaction from them loh. But the Day gown is already white and if i take anor white based gown for night, very boring leh. I wanted to wear this during the day though but Blk n White they say no good..=(
Right: ooh this one very classic and the only bright gown i've chosen for my photoshoot..hehez..

Left: this one is a just try for fun gown but the cutting actually quite flattering too.
Right: anor just try for fun gown and i'm glad i can actually wear a Mermaid gown leh..minus the fact that i'm posing with a protruding tummy. lolx

since i'm already there, really must try all kinds of cut then we'll know which one is most flattering for my body shape. hence the Toga.
Conclusion: Toga cut is really meant for those with height and of a relatively longer neck and shoulder or body. Take a look at how short and stout it made me look and then compare with the models below.

oh man..Look at how different the gowns look on these 2 models and on me..(the photo above and below this)
I'm really convinced you need to be damn tall and with a slim figure to wear these 2 gowns man.

left: quite elegant actually
right: looking like a goose but it look fabulous on the model la..

these are actually outdoor gowns for outdoor shoot but i didn't choose any, cos reckon gona have alot of white gown shots on AD already?
trying to add some colours to the selection and this gown make me look like airport runway.

not forgetting, this one too! WAhahhahhaa i can't remember what were they pointing at le..

And finally, we chose Mr. Keir's suit, the white/ ivory one seemed to be flattering for him and the gold/champagne one is a really unique colour for him to suit my night gown too...hehe..

just gotta think of a nice shirt for him to match with this champagne one.

Gona try to see if we can tailor make his tuxedo shirt and another shirt for the photoshoot..keeping fingers crossed that the tailor is open this saturday morning,. Shall share the lobang here if the price is really reasonable with good workmanship.