Little Snippets to the Theme...

had a brief catch up with one of my jie-meis cum wedding coordinator cum arts director cum consultant cum ideas generator a.k.a Ella..haha..
actually she's really one of my best ex-colleagues ever and we used to do product launches and other activities and events together, though she's usually the one in charge of everything since she's doing marcoms. hehz..

That's like a perfect person to help come out with ideas and source for vendors and stuffs since it's been part of her job all these while! Looking at the successful events she's done for work, i certainly have no doubts on her ability & creativity even though it's her first time in wedding related event ahaha.

Ok back to the theme, we're still sticking to a cinematic night but i would like to clarify that cinematic may not just mean Movie, it can include tv series, dramas etc right? ahaha...

Actually i'm in a dilemma as to how much to reveal in my blog. If i were to list out each and every idea with photos, then the guests who happened to read this blog wouldn't have much of a surprise eh...

let me see, time flies, we've about 5 months plus to go..omg...

so here're some ideas for our themes

1) wedding favours - this of course must be movie related.

This is one of the relevant one i can find and that fits the budget and with the local suppliers carrying this product.
i thought it's pretty pratical, being a photo coaster..hehz...
There're so many popcorn look alike wedding favours too but it's a pity that most of the suppliers are located overseas and i really want to save myself from stressing over shipments calculation and if the shipment really arrives at all.

2) Centrepieces

something like that will be cool..i kinda like the one of the bottom left..but it's probably gona be a DIY project, so don't expect too much ya...
I'll be using real actual film reels on each table since i have them, the only worry is that they are freaking heavy la! so...let's see..perhaps i'll just make do with films and remove the reels.

3) a life size cut out of us!

of cos, it ain't gona be as plain as this, it's gona be more interesting than this. and trust me, everyone's gona get humoured with our style!
eh actually that depends on the outcome of our casual pre wedding photoshoot and if the photographer is able to capture that kind of effect we wanted.
1 of our wedding shoot series will mimick after a popular, interesting TV show..hehez..
this i shall keep it as a surprise for all of you.

4) ang pow boxes

Wah this is one of the most important leh...=X
initially Ella & I thought of making a mega box of popcorns for the ang pow box with real pop corns for decoration on top..but after deep consideration, it's probably gona attract ants and can be done only on that day itself. quite mafan & i honestly don't think the jie meis helping out at the reception will enjoy touching it each time...lolx..

Tadah! wahhhaha..ok just for laughs...
we're probably gona DIY the ang pow box with a DIY movie clapper for the top and some images for the body of the box...ahaha...definitely without the china flag!

Okz enough snippets revealed! Are you getting as excited as I am?

Also while surfing for more ideas, i realized that a hollywood movie theme has been more popular...ours gona be a mix of both so hence called it cinematic.
*hint* don't expect it to be as glam as a hollywood theme ya..

No budget la...

even if budget is low, i'd still hope to do a little something to make this experience fun & enjoyable to thank our guests for being part of our celebrations. :)