Wedding Photoshoot Venues

We've pushed forward our pre-wedding photoshoot by 2 weeks due to my last minute business trip.
Thankfully our bridal studio's coordinator has been really nice and helpful in arranging another day for us despite the fact that she has to co-ordinate with so many different parties - the make up artist, photographer, availability of studio and the gowns and suits we've shortlisted...

really appreciate her help. But now everything has to be in a rush cos we're left with literally only this weekend to get what we needed for the photoshoot...

1) the most difficult to get = my bridal heels : heng this one i've managed to find the perfect pair at Vivocity last week! What's more? it's at Tangs 70% off!! woohoo i only paid like less than $30 for my bridal heels & it complements my fat feet plus is soooooo comfy la...really happy with my purchase, will post pics later.

2) Shirts for Mr. Keir - especially a tuxedo cut white shirt to go with his prince charming white suit hehz..(probably will do a post on our gown/ suit first fitting last week later...)

3) stockings for my short gown to complete a certain look i want to achieve

4) props!! gosh i'm like looking for a hair wig for mr. Keir now & a movie clapper board!

5) casual wear - we haven't even think of this yet..

And of cos one of the more important factor is the Photoshoot Out Door Locations!

Of cos there're always the usual botanic garden, sentosa area but nah....the whole idea of our wedding related stuffs will be a little out of the norm, so nopiez we're not gona take those scenic shots of sashaying along the beach @ sunset, looking sweetly at each other amidst the greenery or playing among the lalang field...- it's really very not us you see, we ain't exactly the lovey-dovey kinda couple but more of the always poking fun and irritating each other kind of couple.

Thankfully we do have a general idea of what style we want to achieve out of our photography. We want a more lifestyle approach reflecting our true self.

Erm sorry, not gona share the location of our intended photoshoot locations yet till i get the actual approval & when we're done with the shoot then i'll post some pics here? hehz...

In the mean time, for the typical couples or friends looking at the usual scenic venues or locations for your photoshoot, here are some areas you may want to consider.


1) Botanic Garden - like duh of course!

Singapore Botanic Gardens
<HDR> Singapore 新加坡 - Fort Canning Park Visitor Centre 福康宁公园游客中心
3) Hort Park
Sembawang Park

6) in fact all kinds of parks loh..

7) Puggol Lalang field
Lalang field in singapore

Changi Broadwalk

4) Tanjong beach @ Sentosa (sunset view especially)

City / Architecture

1) Ann Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill Park │ Singapore

2) Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill
3) Chinatown
4) Raffles Hotel
5) CBD District - Raffles Place
2008_11_26 - Raffles Place
6) Marina Bay / Marina Barage
7) Chjimes

1) Henderson Wave

Henderson Waves

2) National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

3) Asian Civilisation Museum / ARTS museum in fact all the museums but you gotta pay like $100

All other interesting places that's meaningful to you! The place you met, the place you par tor, the place he propose, the place you first held hands.yadda yadda.

If you need more images or the exact location of the venues above, I shall introduce you my Best friend.

Her name is Google! =)


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