Where to buy Movie Clapper Board in Singapore?

Finally!! After tons of research online and scouting around, comparing prices in ebay, I've found the Movie Clapper Board in Singapore! Woohooo...

You know how you remember seeing things at certain shop when you do not need it and totally can't recall where you've seen the item once you need it?

Well I do know that Universal Studio does sell the Movie Clapper Board, but i think their version look like this;

Not very suitable for our cinematic night, which is more of a drama series title / movies theme. Moreover, I'm not sure of the price Universal studio is selling but it sure doesn't cheap.

Then there's our trustee e-bay selling all kinds of items. From China sellers to US sellers selling the "hollywood" version that looks like this;

Again, ours ain't the kind of Hollywood Movie Glamour Night..and we're Asian afterall! Kinda weird to pose with a Hollywood clapper with Asian faces ain't it?

The china ones are cheaper from as low as USD20 or even USD15 i think but shipping alone easily costs another USD15 at the very minimum so the cheapest I found including shipping is around USD35 and above?

With shipping you risk getting a damaged product too.
Let alone our photoshoot has ben shifted forward and I'm not sure if the product will arrive in time for our photoshoot.

A movie clapper board definitely adds a different feel to the photo altogether!

Hence Soon-to-be-Mrs.-Keir did not give up.

Still,  I would like to introduce 2 of my best friends! One of them as introduced before is GOOGLE! And today I'm gona introduce another one and her name is ASKING!

I managed to locate a camera shop selling it through GOOGLE.
And found another also Camera accessories shop via ASKING an ex colleague from Canon.
Well the camera ppl surely have this kinda lobang hehez..

 And so here it is.....

Guess how much it is?

Only SGD20!! woohoo i thought i'd found a really good bargain and they have the white version too.
This is the place i've went to get this clapper board - not sure if the one i've gotten is the last piece though.

Camera Accessories BranchNo 5 Coleman Street #02-18
Excelsior Shopping Center Singapore 179805
( next to Peninsula Shopping Center- pls enter entrance opposite the FireStation  )
we are open daily from 11.30am - 7.00pm - mon to sat

                                                      we are open only on Alt Sunday open  11am - 3pm
( pls call to check if Open )

Closed on Public Holiday

The other shop i've found via Google is selling at SGD25 and here's the addy:

LIGHT, CAMERA, ACTION!!!! This Movie / Television Clapper-Board is used for editing, video productiion, home movie, camera photography, and much more. It can be marked on by chalk. It will add the interest of making family movie or photography.

Material: wood.
Size: 27cm*16.5cm
Weight: 415g

El` Dorado Global Pte. Ltd.
122 Middle Road,Midlink Plaza #01-06,Singapore 188973.
Tel: +65-63386959. Mobile: +65-91280300.


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