DIY-ing own Wedding Logo / monogram

We can easily create our very own wedding logo or monogram without any designing background nor software!

Just download some of the free fancy fonts , install it and play around with it. Experience with different font sizes and even different caps and fonts for your names.

Now I'm wondering which combination to use..if we were to use our initials it's gona be:
- D & A sounds a tad weird? 
- D & D (Des and Drea)
- Des & Drea (sounds so much beta)
- Desmond & Andrea (too long winded hor?)

Anyway I've downloaded some fonts from Dafonts there's so many fanciful fonts there that you'll definitely be spoilt for choices!

And i did a random test on Microsoft word....

The results' not bad right? I haven't even try to be fanciful yet. May wana try out on photoshop tonight to make it look more like a Logo. =)