Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Venues in Singapore

Some useful directories to share for wedding venues in Singapore.
There're so many out there that got us spoilt for choices. And that is excluding the hotel venues already.

1) - super comprehensive and categorized into arts, beach, rooftop, garden etc.

Site Recce - Orchid Ville @ Mandai

Last weekend Mr. Keir and myself popped by another site.
Many may not have heard of this place, Orchid Ville.
It was actually recommended by Mandai Orchid since it had end its lease early this year i think.

From the online images, I kind of like the unique, Jungle, rainforest themed. The fact that the venue gives the outdoor feel but is actually indoors and the lush of greenery that aids in your decor and theme.

The place itself is pretty ulu, though it says it's a stone throw away from the Singapore Zoo. but i reckon you gotta be some olympic discus thrower or something to throw a stone from the Singapore Zoo and to land it in Orchid Ville. (it's damn far from Singapore zoo la...)

Alrighty that's a negative point already. Venue = hard to find. super inaccessible especially for non-drivers. Even the wedding planner have to call for a cab after we're done with our appointment.

Also we went through a state of shock when we eventually turned into Orchid Ville.
The exterior of the place was beyond imagination. Almost immediately, we thought of skipping this appointment altogether.

But heck since we're already here, just take a look inside loh.

The interior's really nice though, like how it seemed on the images. Very jungle - feel and we absolutely love the reception area. it's filled with trees with vines draping from the top. (bottom right image)
totally Tarzan & Jane style.

with the many twigs and branches, there're tons of decors and ideas that we can play around with. it'll give the whole area a different feel altogether.

 As we're planning more on a reception, we're looking at the long table set-up as shown on the top image above.
also they are throwing in this wedding cake/cup cake too. I kind of love it leh..very nice though some commented the whole place and decor seemed a little "Malay".
But hey do you know that "Malay" weddings are one of those with the best decor!? I love the way they use the lights and laces and I do think that our Malay counterparts are really good with little decors like these. Look at how they decorate a simple cookie/ kueh jar with fabrics and laces during Hari Raya.

Ok now, for the major BOO-BOO!! The exterior of the area will give our guests a total shock just as how it did to us we reckon....

Don't it just look like an abandoned farm?

and now for the ultimate exterior walls.

looks totally like an abandoned temple...totally completed with Ah wang helping to keep an eye on your cars...
don't get me wrong, i've no issues against strays it's probably just the feel of the whole place complete with little elements like these....

The Verdict

1) Unique theme and location - meets our objective
2) Flexibility of choosing our decor theme, even colours
3) Wedding planner included - he'll coordinate the nitty gritties including the kind of decors or items you want for your reception
4) throwing in the wedding cake/cupcake, ang pow boxes, guest book etc. ya i know these are common but what's unique about it is that they are hand-made!
5) very much like ball-room concept where i can have my march-in in my 'dream gown' hehez...
6) The wedding planner/ coordinator, Nizam has been pretty nice and seemed to know his stuffs
7) this place will be ending its lease next year too, so it's probably gona add some value to this venue.

1) location is not accessible
2) the exterior really CMI
3) may have an overdose of a "malay wedding" feel.
4) not sure about the quality of the food.
5) may have a cheapo feel

Conclusion: KIV also loh..

We wanted to pop by Beau Lieu place which is located at Sembawang thereafter but it's a pity they're open only during lunch and dinner.

So right now we'll be doing a site recce at Raffles Country Club over this weekend and see if we can pop by Beau Lieu as well as it's back to considering Seb Bistro @ 7 Rochestor again..

Our weekends has been made once again different with all the visits to places we've never been to. An experience which both of us enjoyed and i think yes, that's the way it should be.
A couple should enjoy the whole process of planning for their marriage together, exploring the ideas together instead of rushing through time and thinking about making a profit out of the banquet altogether.

Friday, July 15, 2011

the Dilemma is back again: A Reception or a Banquet?

Though we've previously more or less settled for a Reception idea but the other place of choice; Riverboat house has its pros and cons.
We're concerned with our guests having sea sick and not enjoying the whole celebration as well as the narrow stairs to climb up to the decks can be relatively inconvenient for ME! oh yes Me la, imagine wearing a nice, flowy wedding's difficult not to trip over them!

So we are KIV-ing that place and in the meantime going for site recce at other places too.
There's a mini show at Marina Square from 14th to 17th July and we've came across this place, it's one of the restaurants at Raffles Country Club.

OMG the scenery is fantabulous! and the ballroom is as fantabulous as well. (ballroom = Me can wear dreamy gown with long long train..!!)

There's a lake view where we can do our solemnization and best of all, we can do our march-in with a BUGGY!
The Buggy comes decorated as well..

Image Source (above image is for illustration only)

Here are some images I've found online via a blog. From the reviews I've read about this place, it's all praises and how breath taking the scenery is!
Not many is aware of this beautiful place. But here's the set back, beautiful scenery usually means Ulu-ness. it's at the far end of Jurong, very near to Tuas already.
But coach pick-up can be arranged so i guess the venue should be ok?

The above images weren't doing the place justice, I've seen the images at the show earlier, at night, there're tiny lights on the ceilings and it made it look like Stars! so it's very much an indoor location that looks like outdoor..woohooo...

and here's another image of the lake where we can do the solemnization.

The issue now is, this place will be the PERFECT place for a dinner banquet due to its night view. They do have reception as well but it kinda looks weird right? Having reception in this kind of settings.

And the pricing is pretty similar cos reception is charged by per pax.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting Orchid Ville @ Mandai for another site recce and maybe pop by Beau Lieu place as well.

Guess I'll post another recce review summary after tomorrow.

What a Headache neh!!!

Basically we want a venue and celebration that our guests will enjoy and a place that is memorable and unique as compared to the traditional banquet. We do not want to bore the guest with a typical usual chinese dinner banquet where we've got an overdose of...

i guess that can be overcome with some pre dinner activities, the breath-taking view and a nice theme ya?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Site Visit @ Stewords RiverBoat

It was a 1 bird kill 2 stone visit. Since this place was one of our consideration plus the whole idea seems refreshing, we'd decided to proceed to this venue to celebrate my bff's birthday!
At the very same time, we can try the quality of the food and take a look at the site itself.

Thank you to my friends for being so chin-chai and agreeing to try out this place.

I think there's quite a lack of publicity on this place and it's 'ulu' location didn't help much either.

It is located at Marina South Pier. Yes, the old Marina South where we used to eat the cheap steamboats and where Canto Disco used to be at.

The whole area is still kind of under development right now so the road towards the Marina South Pier seemed so much like a construction site with all the sites surrounding it.

It's located somewhere near the Marina Barage but of a different direction, you just need to follow the road directions to Marina South Pier and you'll be safe!

Food Quality

I've taken the above image from SY conveniently. Hehz..
The food's mexican and most of the dishes are quite yummy I must say, other then the jelly that served as part of the dessert.

I'm not sure if this will be a good gauge as the food we've tried is the Santa Fe Grill or something, and I don't think they offer the exact same menu for wedding. Or rather I'm not sure if it's better to have the food served buffet style or by individual servings.

So ok, food wise this place certainly passed the mark.
Ambience, novelty wise, it's a confirmed pass too!

Here's the function room ...a rough idea

I've seen a video clip of a wedding taking place at Stewords Riverboat and i must say the scenery and images really look beautiful.

It's defnitely a unique venue and unique experience for our guests as compared to a traditional banquet.
The down side of this venue

1) Sea Sickness!
for some not used to being out at the sea, they may not feel comfy on the river boat itself as the boat may rock from time to time with every passing vessels.
Risk or Opportunity?: I'd say it's both! We can actually have a nicely packaged "Out-in-the-sea Saviour Kit" as our wedding favours, with sea-sick pills inside, as well as a mini bottle of medicated oil. LOLx..
On the other hand, we wouldn't one any of our guest to feel sick or unwell. We want them to enjoy themselves.

2) Inconvenient Location & lack of parking lots
Some guests may have problem locating the area due to the 'ulu-ness' and it's mainly construction sites surrounding this pier. For those who don't drive, they have to take the feeder bus from Marina Bay MRT station and it stops right outside the pier
The carpark area ain't very big at the pier so parking could be an issue as well.
Actually most of them drive i supposed, including a map with detailed driving instructions on our invitation cards may help, also for those who don't drive, the bus stops right outside Marina South Pier so that shouldn't be a problem.
I'm also exploring the idea of tying balloons along the roads as a form of 'markings' for the guests?
The carpark might be really a aheadache man, i forgot to count how many lots were there in the carpark, however there's actually lots along the road that they can park too.

3) the WEATHER!!
the weather will play a crucial role on our big day man! the loveliest part of this venue is the solemnization at the top deck, having the sea as the back drop and the sea breeze...bla bla....but if kena wet weather then good luck liaoz.
Not that there ain't any wet weather plans, we can still solemnize indoors but it kinda defeat the purpose already right?
and you know how choppy the waters can get on a wet weather.
on a brighter note, we're looking at early March, so reckon it probably wouldn't rain?

4) Space Constrain
You know la, everything onboard is subject to space constrain so that means if I'm thinking of some little activities or photo booth for my guests etc, I've to take that into consideration neh!
Also have to move from 2nd deck to top deck also means I can't wear a long gown or one with trains..=(

At this moment, both Mr. Keir and myself like this place better than Butterfly Park and we shall KIV till we visit 2 of our other shortlisted sites.

Oh and the other down side (though interesting), there's a risk of having a SANDSTORM in that area! i mean ok you're safe if you're on the riverboat but as you're walking towards the car park, if there's strong gusts of wind, the sand starts flying!!
Think it's due to the so many construction sites nearby, here's what we captured yesterday,

though this image was taken a while after we left the affected place so it may not look as bad..but trust me, it look really scary la..we're like running to our car when the sand starts flying into your eyes man,

Upcoming Wedding Show

 There's an upcoming Wedding Show over at Marina Square from the 14th July 2011(Thursday) to 17th July 2011 (Sunday) over at Marina Square Level 2.


Please go to the URL above for more info.

I've told Mr. Keir about it (though I doubt he remember it's this coming week) and I thought there's no harm popping by to take a look.

Even though we had our bridal package signed, they actually have wedding banquets, wedding venues, entertainers etc.

Who knows? we might be able to get more ideas from this fair. Though I can't really recall if there's even a proper event space at Marina Square level 2 for a decent looking wedding show.

I hoped to be able to settle and confirm our venue by this month, so that we can at the very least proceed to picking gowns and preparing for our pre-wedding shot first....

As of now, we had went to the Butterfly Park @ Sentosa, and another venue on a boat, with 2 other more appointments, 1 at another gardenly palace and another one at one of the country clubs...

I supposed we're on the right direction eh?

Objective of this blog...

Sometimes I confuses myself with the objective of this blog, there're just so many more informative wedding blogs out there I guess my contribution won't make much of any difference, hence this blog will be used more for myself (or us) to record the whole journey from being a Miss to a Mrs. :)

I'll try my best to record the progress as often as I can during this period as I'm sure it will be so sweet when we look back at this blog and reminisce this journey together at a later stage of our life.

Also to my friends who will eventually be a BTB in the near future, I hope more or less this blog can give them a general idea of the whole prep and all.

I do think recording litle entries here and there will aid us in marking the progress as well as refresh our memory a little especially on the sites visited.

So I may not include as much information as any BTB may need, but if any of you require a detailed breakdown or costings etc, please drop me a message or email ya...

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Suitable Venue & Butterfly Park Site Visit

Since I'm quite in the mood today, might as well start blogging a little on the venues that's relatively suitable for our "Format" oh yes, the HI TEA / Lunch Wedding Reception Format & Idea!!

image source

Narrowing done the quotations, it seems like holding a reception ain't as cheap as our common perceptions.
The price between holding it at hotels and selected venues doesn't seem to differ much at all.

But since we want it the non-traditional way, so might as well let's do it with a more unique venue as compared to a typical Hotel reception right?

We've narrowed down to a few choices, leaving hotel as the last resort.
I'm glad that Mr. Keir & myself managed to make our very first site visit couple of weeks back and arranging some other site visits later this month too.
I actually shared with him the 2 interesting places i've chanced upon, one will be the Butterfly Park & the other on of the riverboats.

Surprising, Mr. Keir actually sounded quite excited over the butterfly park idea......!!! =________=

anyway, so that marks our very first site visit to the Butterfly Park @ Sentosa!
Oh yes, one of the latest up and coming wedding venue, they're even undergoing a renovation to be ready by August so as to be able to cater especially to weddings and to cater more pax in their function room!

How cool is that, to be one of the pioneers holding your wedding at the Butterfly Park. Part of the package includes the releasing of butterflies for the couple as well as for your guests.

The coordinator is quite nice but may not be as experienced in wedding as they're still pretty new to this market. They provide catering and they're open to changing of the items in their proposed menu.

The wedding package price @ Butterfly Park is reasonable (read: so-so= market rate) BUT there're quite a few hidden costs.

1) no complimentary parking for your guests
2) no complimentary entry to Sentosa for your guests as well - that means you probably need to pay for the entrance fees for your guest
3) lack of parking space? when i was there for the site visit, the nearest carpak was full! so we have to park at the beach station and take the skytrain down instead. hmm..not very convenient.
4) you better wear a short gown, as the solemnization will be at the park itself, the grounds can get really dirty especially when it rained the night before?
5) no exclusivity to the venue unless you hold your wedding at 9.30am or after 6.30pm (by then so dark liaoz see what butterflies?)

and so there goes, convenience to the guests is one of our priority as well, I know how typical Singaporean drivers are so dependant on their cars that if you do not settle the parking issues for them, chances are you're gona get quite a few disgruntled guests at the end of the day.

So for now, we shall KIV the butterfly park for the moment and visit some other places soon.

THe other venues on the current list will be

1) Orchid Ville (alternative for Mandai orchid since it ended its lease, from the images it seemed very pretty, lots of lush and greenery and even a 'forest-themed' function room
2) on a riverboat - i thought this is pretty unique and interesting, provided it doesn't rock at all and non of my guests are sea-sick.
3) Beauliu house - very nice colonial place but located at Sembawang and might appear to be a little run down from the images?

Shall share more images and info on the above 3 venues upon our site visit.