A Suitable Venue & Butterfly Park Site Visit

Since I'm quite in the mood today, might as well start blogging a little on the venues that's relatively suitable for our "Format" oh yes, the HI TEA / Lunch Wedding Reception Format & Idea!!

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Narrowing done the quotations, it seems like holding a reception ain't as cheap as our common perceptions.
The price between holding it at hotels and selected venues doesn't seem to differ much at all.

But since we want it the non-traditional way, so might as well let's do it with a more unique venue as compared to a typical Hotel reception right?

We've narrowed down to a few choices, leaving hotel as the last resort.
I'm glad that Mr. Keir & myself managed to make our very first site visit couple of weeks back and arranging some other site visits later this month too.
I actually shared with him the 2 interesting places i've chanced upon, one will be the Butterfly Park & the other on of the riverboats.

Surprising, Mr. Keir actually sounded quite excited over the butterfly park idea......!!! =________=

anyway, so that marks our very first site visit to the Butterfly Park @ Sentosa!
Oh yes, one of the latest up and coming wedding venue, they're even undergoing a renovation to be ready by August so as to be able to cater especially to weddings and to cater more pax in their function room!

How cool is that, to be one of the pioneers holding your wedding at the Butterfly Park. Part of the package includes the releasing of butterflies for the couple as well as for your guests.

The coordinator is quite nice but may not be as experienced in wedding as they're still pretty new to this market. They provide catering and they're open to changing of the items in their proposed menu.

The wedding package price @ Butterfly Park is reasonable (read: so-so= market rate) BUT there're quite a few hidden costs.

1) no complimentary parking for your guests
2) no complimentary entry to Sentosa for your guests as well - that means you probably need to pay for the entrance fees for your guest
3) lack of parking space? when i was there for the site visit, the nearest carpak was full! so we have to park at the beach station and take the skytrain down instead. hmm..not very convenient.
4) you better wear a short gown, as the solemnization will be at the park itself, the grounds can get really dirty especially when it rained the night before?
5) no exclusivity to the venue unless you hold your wedding at 9.30am or after 6.30pm (by then so dark liaoz see what butterflies?)

and so there goes, convenience to the guests is one of our priority as well, I know how typical Singaporean drivers are so dependant on their cars that if you do not settle the parking issues for them, chances are you're gona get quite a few disgruntled guests at the end of the day.

So for now, we shall KIV the butterfly park for the moment and visit some other places soon.

THe other venues on the current list will be

1) Orchid Ville (alternative for Mandai orchid since it ended its lease, from the images it seemed very pretty, lots of lush and greenery and even a 'forest-themed' function room
2) on a riverboat - i thought this is pretty unique and interesting, provided it doesn't rock at all and non of my guests are sea-sick.
3) Beauliu house - very nice colonial place but located at Sembawang and might appear to be a little run down from the images?

Shall share more images and info on the above 3 venues upon our site visit.