Playful Learning

I'm an advocate of playful learning where children learn through play. During my day job, I work with LEGO Education and I've seen how engaged children get and the kind of potential you can unleash in each and every child of different abilities when it comes to learning through play.

Hence I try to introduce as many playful learning activities as I can with Sticky Bean. Most of them were DIY with low costs.

Encourage Writing with DIY Salt Tray

DIY Reward Charts for Kids

Hand Sewn Felt Letters / Alphabets for Quietbook with printable template

DIY Toddlers Activities: DIY Preschool activities with FREE printables

Sorting Activities for Toddlers with FREE Printables

DIY Toddler's Activities: Shape of the Week - It's all about triangles

DIY Edible Play Dough for Toddlers

DIY Toddlers Activities: Toddler activities with poms poms + Free printables

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour sorting again!

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour sorting with Popsicle sticks

DIY Toddlers Activities: Colour Sorting with Poms Poms

Simple Sensory Play with Upcycled Materials

DIY Toddler's Activities: Just a Simple Carton Box

DIY Toddler's Activities: Pom Pom Drop yet again!

DIY Toddler's Activities: POM POM Drop Again!

DIY Toddlers Activity: Pipe Cleaners

DIY Toddlers Activities: The Sticky Wall

DIY Toddlers Activities: Her 1st Pom Pom Drop

How to Make Sensory Bottles for Babies & Toddlers