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Baby bump at 6 months, 24 weeks

ok today marks the official day of sticky bean being 24 weeks, aka 6 months...

didn't really take a lot of bump shots as i started only in the 5th month, before that can't really tell that it's a preggie bump so didn't take any pic.

a huge difference between 5th and 6th month hor? the bump seemed to balloon after we came back from our mini babymoon early July.

Baby Baby Expo 2013 Loots & Reviews

Mini Babymoon to Pulai Spring Resort Desaru

Year End Baby Fair 2013 - updated

Upcoming Baby Fairs 2013

Upcoming Baby Fair 2013

Here’s the upcoming Baby Fair 2013 in July!
Baby Baby Exhibition Date: 12th – 14th July 2013 Venue: Expo Hall 4 There’s also FREE Talk conducted by panel of experts from Thomson Medical Centre. Click HERE for more information

Not sure how “big” will this baby baby exhibition be as it’s not really widely advertised, but reckon since they have their support from Thomson Medical as tie up it should be worth going?
SG Asian Parents even did an article on why you should attend above fair.
ok the next upcoming one which we’ve initially waited to stock up on most big ticket items is here! But we're receiving a hand-me-down baby cot from one of Mr. Keir's sister so currently we'll be looking at probably a smaller sized cot of rocker or moses basket to be placed in our room for baby to sleep with us for the first couple of months when i'm breastfeeding.
Takashimaya Baby Fair 24th July 20…