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Mini Babymoon to Pulai Spring Resort Desaru

We just went for our mini babymoon to desaru with another couple friend and their 2.5 yrs son.
Didn’t want to risk taking plane and afraid I may not be able to take too long a journey and then, our friend chanced upon this deal in
2 day 1 night Desaru Pulai Spring Resort at just $69 ++ per pax.
Heard that it’s a nice relaxation place and kids friendly too so we extended 1 night there.

Though the deal is really good an inclusive of breakfast, the place is really kind of boring, to an extent that I didn’t even take much photos.
It’s best to drive there yourself which a lot of Singaporean did so they can drive out to city to have the famous seafood at sungei renggit area but cos we took the coach up and hiring a taxi to and fro to pick us from the resort costs as 120rm, we decided to give it a miss.

the beach is really quite pretty too, quiet and sand is soooooo soft...

 The place is pretty inaccessible actually..
But they have got a pretty and nice swimming pool

We spent most of our time dipping in the pool. The food there is expensive and not nice.
The breakfast is pretty ok though. 

Mr. Keir enjoyed the eggs so much he tried to make an "ultraman" out of them..=____=

So for dinner on the first night we walked over to the resort next door – Lotus Resort – much more crowded and very popular among the locals as compared to Pulai spring which is pretty quiet and seems a little more “atas”
pretty pool with waterslide which is quite fun actually..haha..didn't dare to take it too many times though, Mr. Keir's afraid it might be too "exciting" for the baby.

You can just walk along the beach for about 5-10minutes to reach the outdoor restaurant there by the beach, we ordered some zi-char dishes and it costs about $60-70 SGD for 4 adults. Compared to Pulai desaru it’s considered cheap. A simple lunch at Pulai Spring Resort costs us $120SGD if I didn’t recall wrongly.

We decided to skip the fireflies tour after hearing stories of how dark and scary it can be and how smelly the life jackets were, so we only went to Desaru Fruit Farm the next morning.
Other than it being overly charged at 25RM per adult, the fruit farm tour seems quite ok, not like we have a lot of other recreational choices there too.
Was looking forward to having a durian feast there but no, we didn’t get to eat any durians there at all, perhaps the season was just over and they just had their harvest.

They also has a mini zoo in the fruit farm with quite a lot of animals surprisingly. And a resident severely-undergroomed ostrich.
the under groomed ostrich

On the second night we decided to take the risk and went for a Korean restaurant  not of accessible distance from the resort, however they provide transport and we heard from another couple whom we’ve met at the resort mention that the price is reasonable and it’s a home-style restaurant.

Indeed it was a restaurant within the Korean owner’s house! 

feels so homely right?

check out the owner's ginseng collection

the side dishes

oh the kimchi soup is really yummy though..super thick!

some chicken thingy which i didn't enjoy very much

Tadah! Felt so homely hor… the food is pretty ok, personally I didn’t really enjoy the chicken though, the sauce is too sweet for my liking.

Time always passes super fast while you’re on vacation, overall it was a real relaxing trip for us though it can get boring at times, we spent a great deal of time in our room enjoying the aircon and thank god we went with friends and the cute little 2.5 year old, hence it kinda eased the boredom a little.

Will we go there again? Hmm highly unlikely I would think so.


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