Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Miscarriage: : the Mini Confinement after Miscarriage

When it comes to confinement following a miscarriage, there are 101 versions of old wives tales to confuse you.
There're people who say (such as doctors and gynaes), since the pregnancy period is short, less than 3 months, it didn't affect our body much so we actually do not need to do confinement.
But my gynae did mention that of course i can try to avoid the cold, icy stuffs still.

And then there will be the extreme ones who'd think going through a miscarriage is more damaging to a woman's body than giving birth itself and hence one must observe the rules of confinement and the best is to do it for 2 weeks.
But think about this, where on earth to get 2 weeks mc? we are only entitled 14 days mc a year leh...

And then there's the reasonable ones and I'm blessed that both my mother and mother-in-law and even my brother's mother-in-law, who runs a chinese medical hall (TCM) belongs to this group.
So naturally, i fall into this group as well.
According to TCM from my brother's mother-in-law, since I'm pregnant for 2 months = 2 days confinement.
Well that makes alot of sense.

But i still continue to enjoy the luxury of having the fan and aircon cos the weather is just so warm! and after eating so much heaty food, our body temperature increases as well.

Ok so here's my simple confinement ,was given 3 days of MC from Mon-wed only:

1) bathed and washed hair on Sunday before D&C. Did not bath for one day on Monday only. Bathed and wash my hair on Tuesday (that's not really 2 days in exact but i thought as long i as i dry myself and blow dry my hair immediately, it should be fine)
2) Been drinking longan red date tea with ginger since Sunday to Tuesday. Changed to just ginger boiled with water from Wed and brought it to work on Thurs as well.
3) I still continue to touch tap water. brush teeth, wash stuff and wash face throughout these period though i've heard that it's best not to touch tap or cold water
4) no cold drinks or anything cold from the fridge
5) been eating ginger chicken cooked in rice wine for lunch and dinner from Sunday till Wed. Eat lunch as per normal when back to work on Thursday and back to ginger chicken for dinner.

for a change, i had mee sua cooked in Ginger chicken  in rice wine for lunch and rice for dinner.
It is really very yummy! good thing is i love it and mother in law purposely cook it with chicken breast - my favourite

6) been drinking tonic soup daily from Sunday till Wednesday, these include "ba zhen" and dang gui
this is how the "ba zhen" looks like.
thank god i've always enjoyed drinking herbal soup since young

8) substitute tonic soup with chicken essence with dang gui when i start to go back to work since we can only boil it on weekends when we're home.
9) drink D.O.M every night before going to bed.

This period, I've been very blessed by our family members who showered us with so much care and concern.
At the same time, i felt bad causing trouble for everyone.

My brother, sis-in-law and mother have to pop by our place to pass me the herbs, teach us how to prepare it and give us a bottle of D.O.M
Mother will cook tonic soup for me whenever we go back for dinner.

My mother in law will stay home most of the day to prepare the food for me and ensure that everything is well taken care of. So much so that my meals are served right up to my nose.

My father-in-law felt bad about not knowing how to contribute and kept asking Mr. Keir if he can buy chicken essence or if there's anything that he can get for me.

My sister-in-law popped by, wanting to visit me and bought us chicken essence as well, even though i was napping when she visits.

And of course my sweetest hubby, Mr. Keir who has been by my side and knowing that this is the period i get sensitive, he gave me tons of reassurance and always run errands for me. Thought he does get his patience tested by me at times.

Although this was a misfortune but we're blessed with so much love from our family and friends.
I'm sure with all the love and support, my body will recuperate fast enough and i heard it's easier to fall pregnant again soon after a miscarriage (even though my gynae told me that's a myth but i will want to believe in it).

The Miscarriage: : D & C Procedure

As mentioned, we've opted for the D&C (Dilation & Currettage) procedure which is very much like an abortion it's just that the foetus is no longer alive.
I thought I will not need to go through the pain of bad cramps and heavy bleeding, passing out tissue and weird, gooey, organ-looking like stuffs down there and wondering if it'd choke the toilet flush or something..but gosh was I wrong.

Was given 2 pills to take orally to dilate the cervix before heading down for my surgery 3 hours later.
Oh man, the pills took effect as soon as 5 minutes later, i feel cramp like I've never felt before, it's 10 times worse than period cramps can! i wonder if that's what they call labour-like cramps as well? its sharp and painful and it doesn't come on and off, it's so bad i have to lie down in bed and my body felt weak all over.

Decided to take a shower and wash my hair before going down since i'm not able to wash my hair for two days later on and i almost fainted in the shower...never felt so weak argh...

What make it worst was, we had steamboat the night before and i'm kind of having the runs so half the time it's double the pain and i can't tell if it's the Lao sai kind of pain just cramps so i spend a lot of time sitting at the toilet bowl.
That is when i feel it!!
Plops of stuffs started coming out...yewks you can feel chunks of stuff passing through there.
Ok I'm not going to describe that graphically.
for a moment i thought i've passed the foetus out somehow but the gynae say the foetus is still there when i popped by later.

So, the D&C was really simple, easy and comfortable.
You're sedated for that 10 minutes and when you wakie, everything is over, just that you'll be bleeding as though you're having your menses.

I never know such procedure can be done in the clinic, I've always thought that sedation has to be administered only at hospitals.

Since the procedure is the same as an abortion and we all know that having too many abortions can harm your body and affect your future fertility and pregnancy, I've checked with our gynae on this.
He mentioned that unless you did it like more than 3 times and especially over a short period of time, if not it should not affect our body much.

Well, it's been 4 days since the deed and we'll be going back to the gynae's in 2 weeks time for a follow up.
Did a real mini and simple confinement there after. Shall share more on the next post.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Miscarriage: The Worst Friday the 13th ever - our baby's heart stopped beating

it was all so ironic, when we were so excited and looking forward to see Lil. Bun on Friday the 13th, last friday, for our regular check up at the gynae's.

Anyway since blog posts were dated from most recent to older posts, you'll be seeing our loss of lil bun before even knowing oh so i was pregnant.

It was over as quickly as it started, just like how quick we were to conceive and how lucky we were to conceive during our honeymoon period and just when we thought we were in time to catch a late dragon baby, things are not meant to be.

The last ultrasound showed that there isn't any heartbeat anymore and in fact i was supposed to be at 10 weeks but the foetus size shows that it stopped growing at 8 weeks.

It was a complete shock to us as i was still having all the pregnancy symptoms then as described in my previous post.
I wasn't having any spotting or bleeding anymore, let alone any pain or cramps.
Gynae was quite surprised that i am not experiencing all those yet.

It seemed to be a Missed Miscarriage where my body have not recognized that the foetus has died.

Anyway we've kind of gotten over the depression and all. Things like these can't be helped, it's just nature's way of helping the body stop the pregnancy if they sense it ain't normal?
Gynae mentioned most miscarriages in the firts trimester are due to chromosome defects, the foetus wasn't  formed properly, so we ironed out our thoughts and think, it's better now than later.

Though the risk of miscarriages during the first trimester are considered high, 1 in 4 pregnancy or a high 20-30%, we've never thought that this will happen to us.
Especially since miscarriage rate dropped to 5% after a foetus heart starts beating.

We happen to be the super sway 5% i reckon. Tio 4D or TOTO also don't have my share, but this kind of things...haiz..

Opted to go for a D&C to remove the foetus, well having another scan yesterday kind of put our minds at ease a little cos the foetus has started to disintegrate and it's like anything but a foetus, more like a glob of Plasticine.
My sac has also been elongated, it seemed like it's preparing to expel the foetus out.
I wouldn't want to face the dilemma through the natural way as you will not know when the tissues and foetus will be expelled out and i wouldn't want to have to think if i should keep it wrapped in tissue to show Mr. Keir or to bury it or to flush it down the toilet bowl.

The good thing is, at least we now we are fertile and we can always try again. Heard that fertility rate is always higher after a miscarriage or rather after a pregnancy as you still have the pregnancy hormones in you, making it easier to conceive.

Let's pray that we can conceive soon again and let it be a smooth, healthy pregnancy.

It's hard having to deal with such a loss.

The Miscarriage: @ 10 weeks preggie with lil bun

Image source:

This should be how our little bun should look like now at 10 weeks..that is not our lil bun's image though, got it off the net.
Going to see gynae again this Friday.

We’re both so excited and looking forward that we can see our lil bun again. Hopefully this time round the scan will be as clear as the above picture.
The previous time cos my bladder was quite empty, we only manage to catch a blinking thingy that we were told was the heart beat and that’s about it.

Morning sickness

Just when I was told that morning sickness peaks at week 8 – week 10, mine somehow worsens at the 10th week.
Was feeling so bloated for the past few days, I couldn’t complete a single full meal.
The only proper meal I’ve eaten yesterday was a bowl of cereal with milk..hmm…and if you include the chee cheong fun I had in the morning for breakfast hehz..
I have to skip dinner as well cos I was just too bloated to eat…

My reaction to food seemed to change as well. Initially I love fruits and they always make me feel better, or maybe cos lil bun loves fruits?
However as I’m typing this now, I just came back from the bathroom after puking out my breakie and it was like immediately after I’ve finished an apple hmm..

Had cereal with milk for breakie at 9plus this morning and it’s 12 plus in the afternoon, after feeling queasy the whole morning, I thought I felt better after drinking half a cup of ginger tea and decided to eat an apple since fruits always make me feel better..

Who knows the apple actually cause me to puke out my cereal and it was so much puke! I think I really puked out the whole bowl of cereal..geez…it’s been 3 hours since I ate them and the food is still not digested? Hmm..

Puked till there’s this very bitter taste in my mouth..yikes!
Now I wonder if I should take my folic acid again and if it’s been puked out earlier on..hmm…

Lil bun..oh lil bun! Mummy and daddy can’t wait to see you this Friday!! Mummy is sure all these is well worth it as it shows that you’re doing well in mummy’s tummy to trigger all these pregnancy symptoms in mummy..

The Miscarriage: the BFP

I'm going to draft this post here in case my memory of the existing feelings failed me a month by the time you see this post, i've safely entered my 2nd trimester!

so this is going to be a long post as i'm going to compile the first trimester into one post hehz...

Oh yes, it's a big fat positive!! but that's like after I've used to strip for the 3rd time haha...

Reason for drafting this and posting only now is pretty obvious eh, most people do not announce their pregnancy till they've safely entered the 2nd trimester so if you see this post, it means i've safely entered the 2nd trimester.

Do to the high risk of miscarriage these days, like 1 in 5 pregnancy end up with a miscarriage, most people choose not to share the news too soon, for Chinese some call it pantang but for the modernized society I think it's more of a getting everybody excited about it and building that expectation in everyone and if *touch wood* anything goes wrong, people will insensitively ask "so what happen to the baby" if they still see no baby after 9 months...

Losing a baby is definitely not something a mummy to be wants to be reminded of, let alone having to explain to everyone else about it?

So i'd do it the safe way, haha. Most of our close friends are aware by now.
It's not easy to hide it from people who observe the change in your daily habits too.

Pregnancy test kit works by detecting the HCG level in your urine, as pregnancy progress, the level of HCG increases and the line appearing in the pregnancy test kit become darker too..
so when i first test, the line is sooooooooooo faint that you can barely see it..

See how the colour darken over the weeks..

and oh yea we have not fully settled into reality yet as it was our first official try during our honeymoon in Taiwan and little did we expect to hit the jackpot during our first try, how lucky we are...

oh ya i'm into my 8 weeks now as i'm drafting this, morning sickness come and go but ever since i'm preggie and having symptoms, this has been my best friend..

Not sure why the photo end up like that even though i've rotated it..grrr...
anyway this is the best invention ever! as certain smell make me gag easily, all i need is to take a whiff...phewzzz...

baby seems to love apples and beef by far..hee..i've also ballooned up quite abit and look so bloated..

the coffee i used to loved seemed to make me gag as well so whenever i smell coffee in office...aarghhhhh....

Spotting during early pregnancy

I've read that actually no spotting is considered normal during pregnancy it's just that it is pretty common and to have an ease of mind, it's still better to see your gynae. Well not that there's much a gynae can do during the first trimester cos the most common causes of miscarriage at this point is due to chromosomes incompatibility in the pregnancy which may cause the foetus to not form and progress properly.

So at this point in time, most gynaes will prescribe a hormone pill for you, in my case it's Utrogestan,which is to increase the level of hormones in your body that your womb will need to hold the baby.
Also they will give you couple of days of MC so that you can have as much bed rest as possible.

I'm not sure if those help i was spotting for 2 weeks+ before it came to a stop and 1 week later, the spotting came back for another 3 days.

BB's heartbeat

The good news is, we went for another scan at 6 weeks and there, we see our bb's hearbeat for the very first time! it's so amazing, i've heard that when you can see the heartbeat, your risk of miscarriage lowered by another 5% woohooo.

I'm at 9 weeks now, looking forward to our next gynae appointment next friday where i'll be 10 weeks!
3 more weeks before the end of first trimester.

Morning Sickness

I still consider myself lucky though i experience morning sickness but i should call it bearable and it doesnt last for long.
It was worse when I'm in week 5-6 where you just get turned off the moment you smell cooked food. i ended up eating lots of junk food and instant noodle that week. haiz..
I gag most of the time by puke only couple of times especially after eating home-cook food. =(
but on a brighter side, i was on mc most of this time so i'm able to break my meals into smaller portion and eat a little through out the day.

The morning sickness somehow went completely away in Week 7-8 where my appetite grew! just when i was about to enjoy it, it's back here again now at week 9.
Wasn't as bad as the one i experience in week 5-6 but still the feeling of bloatedness and occasionally wanting to puke still sucks.
I can't eat very much now without feeling bloated and wanting to puke.

the only thing that i love now is all the sweets and fruits! omg fruits are like the only food i feel best after eating them...