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The Miscarriage: : the Mini Confinement after Miscarriage

When it comes to confinement following a miscarriage, there are 101 versions of old wives tales to confuse you.
There're people who say (such as doctors and gynaes), since the pregnancy period is short, less than 3 months, it didn't affect our body much so we actually do not need to do confinement.
But my gynae did mention that of course i can try to avoid the cold, icy stuffs still.

And then there will be the extreme ones who'd think going through a miscarriage is more damaging to a woman's body than giving birth itself and hence one must observe the rules of confinement and the best is to do it for 2 weeks.
But think about this, where on earth to get 2 weeks mc? we are only entitled 14 days mc a year leh...

And then there's the reasonable ones and I'm blessed that both my mother and mother-in-law and even my brother's mother-in-law, who runs a chinese medical hall (TCM) belongs to this group.
So naturally, i fall into this group as well.
According to TCM from my brother's mother-in-law, since I'm pregnant for 2 months = 2 days confinement.
Well that makes alot of sense.

But i still continue to enjoy the luxury of having the fan and aircon cos the weather is just so warm! and after eating so much heaty food, our body temperature increases as well.

Ok so here's my simple confinement ,was given 3 days of MC from Mon-wed only:

1) bathed and washed hair on Sunday before D&C. Did not bath for one day on Monday only. Bathed and wash my hair on Tuesday (that's not really 2 days in exact but i thought as long i as i dry myself and blow dry my hair immediately, it should be fine)
2) Been drinking longan red date tea with ginger since Sunday to Tuesday. Changed to just ginger boiled with water from Wed and brought it to work on Thurs as well.
3) I still continue to touch tap water. brush teeth, wash stuff and wash face throughout these period though i've heard that it's best not to touch tap or cold water
4) no cold drinks or anything cold from the fridge
5) been eating ginger chicken cooked in rice wine for lunch and dinner from Sunday till Wed. Eat lunch as per normal when back to work on Thursday and back to ginger chicken for dinner.

for a change, i had mee sua cooked in Ginger chicken  in rice wine for lunch and rice for dinner.
It is really very yummy! good thing is i love it and mother in law purposely cook it with chicken breast - my favourite

6) been drinking tonic soup daily from Sunday till Wednesday, these include "ba zhen" and dang gui
this is how the "ba zhen" looks like.
thank god i've always enjoyed drinking herbal soup since young

8) substitute tonic soup with chicken essence with dang gui when i start to go back to work since we can only boil it on weekends when we're home.
9) drink D.O.M every night before going to bed.

This period, I've been very blessed by our family members who showered us with so much care and concern.
At the same time, i felt bad causing trouble for everyone.

My brother, sis-in-law and mother have to pop by our place to pass me the herbs, teach us how to prepare it and give us a bottle of D.O.M
Mother will cook tonic soup for me whenever we go back for dinner.

My mother in law will stay home most of the day to prepare the food for me and ensure that everything is well taken care of. So much so that my meals are served right up to my nose.

My father-in-law felt bad about not knowing how to contribute and kept asking Mr. Keir if he can buy chicken essence or if there's anything that he can get for me.

My sister-in-law popped by, wanting to visit me and bought us chicken essence as well, even though i was napping when she visits.

And of course my sweetest hubby, Mr. Keir who has been by my side and knowing that this is the period i get sensitive, he gave me tons of reassurance and always run errands for me. Thought he does get his patience tested by me at times.

Although this was a misfortune but we're blessed with so much love from our family and friends.
I'm sure with all the love and support, my body will recuperate fast enough and i heard it's easier to fall pregnant again soon after a miscarriage (even though my gynae told me that's a myth but i will want to believe in it).


  1. Hi, im so happy to read that you had a baby again. :) I've just went for d&c few days back, lost our 8 weeks lil precious. Am still trying to get thru it, still missing him or her, still feeling lost but kept my smiles to stop my loved ones from worrying. Can I ask on how long did you do the mini confinement in total? Was there any ailments like aching etc after that becos of the short period confinement done? Im really dying from thirst just drinking red dates& longan water... T_T and the no shower thing.. It'll really help me alot if you reply this! TIA babe!^^

  2. Hi Belinda
    I'm so sorry tp hear of your loss. First trimester miscarriage is a lot more common than we know.
    For my case I only Did confinement for 2 days. Tcm believes to do 1 day confinement for each pregnancy month and I did the modern way, I still bathe as usual. Even when im doing the full month confinement after I gave birth, I still bathed everyday. Jist ensure u are using warm water and to dry yourself thoroughly.
    I did not suffer from any ailments following the 2 days confinement I've done.
    Do let your body recuperate and allow your first menstrual cycle to arrive before trying tp conceive again.
    I managed to conceive baby ashlene 8 months later.
    I believe there's a reason for making us go through the loss and eventually you will be blessed with another baby soon. =)

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