The Miscarriage: : D & C Procedure

As mentioned, we've opted for the D&C (Dilation & Currettage) procedure which is very much like an abortion it's just that the foetus is no longer alive.
I thought I will not need to go through the pain of bad cramps and heavy bleeding, passing out tissue and weird, gooey, organ-looking like stuffs down there and wondering if it'd choke the toilet flush or something..but gosh was I wrong.

Was given 2 pills to take orally to dilate the cervix before heading down for my surgery 3 hours later.
Oh man, the pills took effect as soon as 5 minutes later, i feel cramp like I've never felt before, it's 10 times worse than period cramps can! i wonder if that's what they call labour-like cramps as well? its sharp and painful and it doesn't come on and off, it's so bad i have to lie down in bed and my body felt weak all over.

Decided to take a shower and wash my hair before going down since i'm not able to wash my hair for two days later on and i almost fainted in the shower...never felt so weak argh...

What make it worst was, we had steamboat the night before and i'm kind of having the runs so half the time it's double the pain and i can't tell if it's the Lao sai kind of pain just cramps so i spend a lot of time sitting at the toilet bowl.
That is when i feel it!!
Plops of stuffs started coming out...yewks you can feel chunks of stuff passing through there.
Ok I'm not going to describe that graphically.
for a moment i thought i've passed the foetus out somehow but the gynae say the foetus is still there when i popped by later.

So, the D&C was really simple, easy and comfortable.
You're sedated for that 10 minutes and when you wakie, everything is over, just that you'll be bleeding as though you're having your menses.

I never know such procedure can be done in the clinic, I've always thought that sedation has to be administered only at hospitals.

Since the procedure is the same as an abortion and we all know that having too many abortions can harm your body and affect your future fertility and pregnancy, I've checked with our gynae on this.
He mentioned that unless you did it like more than 3 times and especially over a short period of time, if not it should not affect our body much.

Well, it's been 4 days since the deed and we'll be going back to the gynae's in 2 weeks time for a follow up.
Did a real mini and simple confinement there after. Shall share more on the next post.