The Miscarriage: The Worst Friday the 13th ever - our baby's heart stopped beating

it was all so ironic, when we were so excited and looking forward to see Lil. Bun on Friday the 13th, last friday, for our regular check up at the gynae's.

Anyway since blog posts were dated from most recent to older posts, you'll be seeing our loss of lil bun before even knowing oh so i was pregnant.

It was over as quickly as it started, just like how quick we were to conceive and how lucky we were to conceive during our honeymoon period and just when we thought we were in time to catch a late dragon baby, things are not meant to be.

The last ultrasound showed that there isn't any heartbeat anymore and in fact i was supposed to be at 10 weeks but the foetus size shows that it stopped growing at 8 weeks.

It was a complete shock to us as i was still having all the pregnancy symptoms then as described in my previous post.
I wasn't having any spotting or bleeding anymore, let alone any pain or cramps.
Gynae was quite surprised that i am not experiencing all those yet.

It seemed to be a Missed Miscarriage where my body have not recognized that the foetus has died.

Anyway we've kind of gotten over the depression and all. Things like these can't be helped, it's just nature's way of helping the body stop the pregnancy if they sense it ain't normal?
Gynae mentioned most miscarriages in the firts trimester are due to chromosome defects, the foetus wasn't  formed properly, so we ironed out our thoughts and think, it's better now than later.

Though the risk of miscarriages during the first trimester are considered high, 1 in 4 pregnancy or a high 20-30%, we've never thought that this will happen to us.
Especially since miscarriage rate dropped to 5% after a foetus heart starts beating.

We happen to be the super sway 5% i reckon. Tio 4D or TOTO also don't have my share, but this kind of things...haiz..

Opted to go for a D&C to remove the foetus, well having another scan yesterday kind of put our minds at ease a little cos the foetus has started to disintegrate and it's like anything but a foetus, more like a glob of Plasticine.
My sac has also been elongated, it seemed like it's preparing to expel the foetus out.
I wouldn't want to face the dilemma through the natural way as you will not know when the tissues and foetus will be expelled out and i wouldn't want to have to think if i should keep it wrapped in tissue to show Mr. Keir or to bury it or to flush it down the toilet bowl.

The good thing is, at least we now we are fertile and we can always try again. Heard that fertility rate is always higher after a miscarriage or rather after a pregnancy as you still have the pregnancy hormones in you, making it easier to conceive.

Let's pray that we can conceive soon again and let it be a smooth, healthy pregnancy.

It's hard having to deal with such a loss.