Bridal Heels Bought!

One of the most difficult items for me...HEELS!!
Gosh cos I've got a small but FAT feet..just like me, short and to find a pair of open-toe heels that will fit and compliment my fat feet ish like trying to look for a needle in a haystack.

And then I've got to know from Facebook that TANGS Studio having sale! So we hoped over to Vivocity last sunday to take a look since the discount is as much as 70%!!

and guess what?

I've found my perfect pair of heels!
Woohoo!! no doubt it looks kinda plain for a bridal heels but eh, actually my gown are all pretty long with trains so my feet can hardly be seen at all, moreover i chose this ivory colour so that it goes well with the day wedding gown and night ball gown too!

Not only that, cos it's not that bling or drama-mama, i can wear it on other normal occasions after the wedding too!

It's better than investing in a pair of bling heels just for bridal use and to chuck it at one corner after that.
Yes you might be able to wear to other dinners, but how often will that be?
And do you know that your heels / shoes will actually spoil if you haven't been wearing them for a while? just like a bra too!

Ok other then it complimenting my fat feet completely, it's also super comfy!

And here's why! the sides of the straps are all elastic so it won't cut into your skin while you walk.
We probably need to be walking around alot on our actual day, so a pair of comfy heels is like super important loh!
and the best's only SGD30 after 70% discount...Wahaa..super saver!

And oh did i mention especially that my night ball gown is super duper heavy? it's the heaviest gown they have in the shop and probably the most expensive one too, with all the little details on the gown..ahah tons of blings, embellishments, heavy satin, ribbons etc.