A Unique Wedding Invites Idea

Having done the traditional invites for the relatives, here're the rest of the invites for the modern guests.

Yes it's our wedding invitation in form of a movie ticket. As we're doing a Cinematic night, so thought this idea will be perfect.

Initially it was just an idea while sharing with a colleague on our wedding theme. Who knows it became an idea came true!!
I'm very lucky to have met another bride who had the same theme as us! She shared her ideas and templates with me as well.

and so this is another DIY project of our wedding. Also she's introduced a very reasonably priced printer to myself and i've actually tried using this printer for my events for my work.

So when it comes to printing these movie tickets with perforation. The price is really reasonable! It costs as much as what our venue is charging us for printing 200 pieces of traditional invites loh.
I printed 150 pieces of movie tickets though.

Tadah. Look at the perforation. All at the same costs as printing a traditional invite.

It's just that there's alot of manual work to be done when you DIY your invites. First is the artwork, i resized and re-layout couple of times to get the measurements right. Then it's the sending for print and collection followed by the slotting in of these tickets in cards provided by our wedding venue.

So we've to measure the tickets and use a penknife to cut the slot to hold the tickets.
The other killer is tying the silver string as a decor, didn't know that kind of strings can be so difficult to tie.

Also we DIY our map and directions, print it out, cut it and inserted them into our invites too.

Very much like a production line, we managed to complete all these somehow..phewzzz....
Although it may not look very pro, but it's done with our utmost sincerity and made with tons of love and effort for our beloved guests. =)