Traditional Wedding Invite Template

I've spent sometime typing out the traditional wedding invites with Chinese wordings.
Gosh i thought it was relatively easy till i get down to doing it in photoshop format.

After which i deeply regretted. Could have done it in microsoft word too. Just that photoshop makes the layout easier i guess?

Anyway the chinese wordings are so cheem. To make it worse, it's supposed to be in a vertical format, making the layout all the more trickier.

But the good thing is, I've completed mine! we only need less than 20 pieces of traditional invites with chinese wordings for the relatives, we've no choice but to DIY.

Print, cut and insert it ourselves.
Luckily i found this old treasure of mine. = Patterned Scissors!
bought it while i was doing scrap booking sometime back and i remember at a steal too! Finally it came into good use. hehz.

2 major advantages of using the scissors. Firstly the inserts look so much nicer. Secondly, cos it's patterned even if you did not managed to cut a straight line, it's absolutely ok as it's not obvious at all. I've problems cutting things straight somehow..lolx

Although it may not look as professional as the usual hot stamped gold or silver traditional invites, we're still pretty satisfied with our DIY project.

Though we have to rush through this by CNY so that the invites can be distributed whilst visiting and that we probably had a few squabbles here and there, Mr. Keir still agrees that the sense of satisfaction upon completion of this project is simply great!


  1. hello! was going through Singapore Brides forum and came to your blog.

    may i know how u do the template by? the pictures are so cute!

  2. Hi Cherie

    Thanks. it was done using photoshop =)
    You can make use of the cliparts in Microsoft words too

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    Can I have your template pls? If so, pls send to

    Shi Hui

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    can you share with me your template too?
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  6. Hi there,

    Do you mind sharing the Chinese wording template with me?
    My email is

    Thanks a bunch!!

  7. Hi... can you share the both the english and chinese template with me? my email is


  8. Hi, can you share your English and Chinese template with me at It will be a great help!

  9. well done! I like you DIY idea! can share your English and Chinese templates with me too?
    Am being tasked to assist my brother to make his wedding invitation cards, which will be around 20 too! :) And his wedding is like 3 weeks down the road! lolz

  10. Hi, can you share your Chinese templates with me at thank you very much. It will be of great help to me, been searching for days to no valid

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    Can i pls get some templates of your chinese and english inserts? Need help badly!

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