Goodie Bag from Pre Natal Package

What a pleasant surprise, we didn't expect to receive a free goodie bag or welcome pack upon signing up for our pre-natal package at James Lee Women's Clinic.

Since we've decided to stick to Dr. James Lee to deliver our sticky bean, it only make sense to sign up for the pre-natal package.

We can do so from 14 weeks in fact.

So what does the pre-natal package entails?

For a lump sum of $700, it includes 14 consultations + scans and basic multivitamins.
That makes each visit to be $50 only! Else separate consultation before the package costs as $120 - $150 each time.

We can also claim this outpaitent amount from medisave at the hospital when we give birth later, cap at $500.

and so here's what included in the little goodie bah, mostly milk powder samples for the mummies..

 Mummies milk powder samples from Similac and S26. Tried the S26 but er..totally cannot take the taste at all, personally i find a strong unatural metallic taste in the milk which taste nothing like the usual low fat milk i've been taking.
Haven't triede the simila mum yet though.

Long champ look alike bag from Similac, looks a tad too small to be a diaper bag, and i've one long champ bag of this size, can't put this bag into usage yet...perhaps when bringing baby out for a short while can use? it should fit some diapers and milk? i duno..

Safety scissors for baby from S26.

Actually i like this best, it's a rattle soft toy from cordlife, finally something i know will be put into good use.
Wanted to ask for a pink one since we found out sticky bean is gona be a girl, but hmm...paiseh to ask also so just make do with this.