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Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review - Day 3

Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Day 3

As with all holidays, time seems to fly whenever you are having fun and we've came to the last day of our staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World. =(

Sticky Bean was so used to 'going back to hotel room' all these while and was most reluctant to check out of the room. She insisted that she wants to go back to 'hotel room' to sleep. 
We managed to get a late check out at 1pm so we went for a swim at Hard Rock Hotel in the morning before going back to the room to wash up.
Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review
Check out was a breeze. In fact there's no need to queue at all. Just drop your hotel keys at the designated box and your're done! You can leave your luggage at the Festive Hotel Resort World concierge after checking out. If you drive, do remember to redeem your complimentary parking coupon at the concierge too.
Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation Review
And so we redeemed our parking coupon and proceeded to keep our barangs in the car before heading back to this Hongkong cafe just next to the Casino for brunch.

I love this bowl! Both the bowls are actually connected! 

SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review SEA Aquarium Review
Heading to SEA Aquarium

This is when your selfie stick comes in handy!

finally reached the entrance of SEA Aquarium

For some reasons, Sticky Bean loves kissing this fish

Mesmerized by the size of this 'fish tank'

We love that the SEA Aquarium is indoor and air-conditioned after being in the heat and outdoors for the past 2 days. By Day 3, we're pretty exhausted actually.

finally entering the aquarium proper

giant octopus whose tentacles look yummy for some reasons

These jelly fishes have to be one of my favorites. They are so pretty to look at.

Look! colourful jellyfishes!

You have a huge viewing gallery right towards the end where some families will just rest there, have a little picnic to enjoy the scenic view.

found a little kids corner where they do colouring activities for kids

Look who we bumped into as we're about to leave??

It's Pikachu!! As it's a low peak period, we were lucky to be able to take photo with Pikachu as well!

Sticky Bean got to pick a little souvenir to wrap up our first staycation at Festive Hotel, Resort World.

SEA Aquarium Review
We love the huge variety of species at SEA Aquarium. The tanks were huge and majestic. One can spend a great deal of time just sitting and looking at the fishes swimming. But when you have a young child in tow who lose interest after a while, you spend most of your time chasing after her like we did. Unless a child is into marine animals if not you may like to think twice before investing in a ticket and bringing your child there.

My Festive Hotel, Resort World Staycation verdict: We had an excellent time at Festive Hotel, Resort World. We love the staycation. However the fact that the package came with admission tickets to 3 attractions means the itinerary was pretty packed for the full 3 days. Will be nice if they have a package which comes with just 1 attraction. We were so drained out at the end of our staycation at Festive Hotel Resort World. 
It was a blessed thing we stayed there from Wednesday to Friday hence we have the weekend to recover.
Our next try will be Equarious Hotel at Resort World and will definitely try to go with a staycation without the multi-attractions package.


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