the prologue

de day Uncle Des - known as Mr. Keir herein, decided to move our status a step further, our or rather my daily life kinda changed.
Most of the time, whenever i'm online, i start to surf tons and tons of bridal websites and forums. searching for tips, researching on a different wedding reception we can have as opposed to the typical 'boring' wedding dinner that most of us has grown sick of attending.
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getting married probably requires tons of planning and lead time to do so. i believe in planning early so that we can have the luxury to take our time and take each activity as day goes by.

We're looking more at a simple wedding reception ideally. More importantly we want our guests to enjoy and have a memorable day as much as we did.

if we were to throw a typical wedding dinner banquet, i doubt anyone really remember the details. 9 out of 10 wedding dinner banquet are almost identical..

gosh we're gona try our very best to skip that kind of stereotype!