Selection of our Pre-Wedding Photos

Finally, the photos are ready for selection!
Initially Mr. Keir and I were pretty firm on not topping up for any additional photos.
We're entitled to 36 poses and 25 pages after all. So we thought these should suffice ain't it.

Anyway, nothing new to most of us here that usually the bridal studio will be pushing couples to top up more photos etc and also by saying from an artistic point of view, it's nicer to have a series of photo rather then randomly select photos that doesn't form a story line or something.

To be honest, how many people will really appreciate your album from the so-called "Artistic" point of view leh?

Anyway we have to agree it's indeed nicer to have photos of similar poses and style on the same facing page else it'd look pretty cluttered. and if we were to stick to the 36 poses, the album looks kind of empty and a bit pathetic like that...not so nice.

The good thing is, our coordinator is still pretty ok, he did try to push for us to take more photos but he ain't the irritating, super aggressive kind. So in the end, we top up another $1088 with the following:

Total of 56 poses printed
Additional 10 soft copies so = 66 poses

partly also cos we saw how his face changes when he saw us eliminating so many photos (we really do not like the indoor shots taken)..ahah..but still he continued to try to smile and joke without showing any attitude.

Yaya, we're aware that usually after the wedding, the album will be collecting dust somewhere else. But since we've paid this additional amount for the photos and that the memories are definitely worth keeping, I'd thought this amount is still reasonable la..

I'll make full use of the photos by printing them out and creating a photo wall in our bedroom too!

Oh also I had the impression that photos selection will be via laptop or something, I've no idea they will print out all 200 over shots for you to choose man.

there! all arranged in the so-called series for us liaoz...

Nor! the front 2 were some of the indoor shots. Our indoor shots weren't exactly nicely taken and the one with my traditional bridal gown was taken against a BROWN background. Spoil the whole look and style also loh. But the photographer managed to capture our outdoor shots in candid style pretty well though.

 That's kind of a unique shot but not very flattering...The photographer ain't sensitive enough to analyse the flattering part or angle of a woman's body you see. Ya i know can photo shop but there's always a limitation with photoshop too ain't it. The first look at a pic if you feel u look fat in it, chances are you won't like the photo right? Wahahha....

haha the APPLE TREE series! this was the result of a misconception from the photographer. Initially we're telling him of the concept with the apple like me ish snow white, ate the apple and slept then Mr. Keir is my prince etc. But somehow it became an Apple Tree story....*fainted*
But this is quite unique also...but uhm..i don't think we shortlisted this either..maybe took 1 or 2 as soft copies.

somehow the pic of us like praying or something reminds me of "Precious Moments" figurines...
oh please pardon the blurry images i was trying to take pics secretly you see. I don't think we're allowed to snap pics of those photos...ahah.. If they allow you to snap then you won't be buying additional photos liaoz right?

Anyway, here's a series of photos - which we've chosen most of it. These were the RAW - unedited shots that i've took secretly. So please try not to scrutinize on my fats and tummy and whatever ya...just a sneak preview for you guys.

- Taken at Portsdown road
 See! the outdoor shots were so much better than the indoors' right? We both love the greenery in this pic!

- Taken at Colbar Portsdown
Very vintage place and brings out a very special feel in photos. 

- Taken at Haji Lane
Photographer suggested this place. Didn't know they have so many interesting & colourful background perfect for wedding photography!

 - Taken @ Haji Lane
another of my favorite shot. hee..Love the colourful wall graffiti behind and my expression in the photo too...

and finally....the only indoor shots series we like!

our very own idea and theme..heee...

Ok la, after browsing through these photos again and again, i realized that these snapshots were just some of the ones we've shortlisted.

Will share more once our photos area ready for collection. Think the pics there will be much nicer also..ahaha....