The Traditional Tea Dress

Went for a fitting to select my tea dress...hmm..

After trying on 3 different types of Kua, most of them look alike to me. Other than the cutting and material so iI chose the relatively modern type made with silk like material. Super cooling and comfy to wear!

I didn't realize that the traditional Kua cannot be altered. Then again, make sense la cos of all the beadings and embroidery on it.

I'm wearing S size and it kind of got me thinking again...then those brides slimmer than me how?
And so I asked, So what type of body shape is suitable for the Cheong Sam? Cos I always have this thinking that you must be really slim to wear it. which is only half correct.

The coordinator actually say that you've to be tall and with abit of flesh, else probably can't see the curves and all...hmm..

Anyway to satisfy my personal desire, even though I am short and fat, i decided to try on the cheong sam type as tea dress..lolx...

Surprisingly I still look ok leh...(i think)

Just that Mr. Keir doesn't like me wearing this and both my BFF and coordinator agreed some how i look pretty wild in a cheongsam.
Maybe they think I look like I'm from one of the nightclubs? ahahhaha...

Well here's the main reason why i can't wear this piece of dress as my tea dress even though i really quite like it!

the side is transparent..and it shows..............super obvious..

My tattoo...haha..maybe that's the main reason why i really like it personally too..
but Nah, not gona scare off those relatives, you know how traditional some of them might yea let's stick to the traditional Kua for now...