Our Themed Wedding - A Cinematic / Movie Theme wedding

finally it's photos from our Movie-themed / Cinematic themed wedding.
Zonzon helped us make a montage that is pretty related to movie theme with the typical movie opening.
Most of the guests thought we're playing a movie haha..
Especially love the part "Please switch your mobile to silent" mode..lolx

Anyway here are snippets of our movie themed wedding.
A full episode of the DIYs done...when i state DIY it means all artwork and photoshop files done by meeee...=)

the DIY movie tickets themed invites

the venue - the little black strips on the red carpet were actually strips of films strewn on the floor...

we used Theatre numbers with different love movie posters as table numbers instead of the usual boring table numbers.

an affair to remember indeed!

A wedding date indeed too!!

the displays @ our reception

love how the vintage feel. The gold circular thingy were actually the real film reels used in movies


of cos, what's a movie without pop corns. the popcorn boxes were DIY too with our names on it. sent to print and each cut out and folded

Bought mega packs of popcorn from NTUC and the pretty bags from SKP. They look pretty altogether right?

our DIY kachang puteh stall

as you can see, we didn't cater full bottles of nuts cos we thought not many people will take them but BOY WE WERE SO WRONG! the kachang "sold out" within the first hour!

the box and cones all DIY. Used a shoe box, wrap it with pretty gold wrapping paper, cut a few holes and voila! Kachang puteh holder!

this is part of the reason why the kachang were so HOT. we had an "authentic" kachang puteh "seller! really touched with this friend of mine, she brought her saree and dresses up as an indian lady to help mend the stall!

this is our DIY guest book. it's actually post cards that's supposed to act like "fan-mail"

look like real postcards hor? especially with our faces as stamps

what's a fan mail without the red vintage mailbox!! 

our DIY pop corn pens. bought normal capped pens, stick it with the gold sticker, then did the mini  version of our popcorn box, stick on it and used yellow straw bits to make it look like popcorn

DIY movie posters displayed all over the venue

my favourite poster actually...- done with photoshop too

we had a few series of different posters all over the venues. As the venue as on the 2nd level, we stick some on level 1 to direct people from the carpark.
our helpers were so meticulous, they stuck a copy in the lift too!
this copy was posted on level 1. see the red arrow below? pointing towards the stairs to make the guests proceed to level 2..hehz..

print outs from our instant photo booth by Zonzon Photography.
They even imprinted our  photo and a popcorn box at the bottom. This instant photobooth is at a very affordable price! Do check out the rates with them 
our instant photo booth..- this shot is not taken by Zonzon though, candid shot by one of our guests thus the resolution not so good...

one of our wedding favours from Ido-Ido favours. It's a sundae cone towel. Costs  is very reasonable too. Do check them out.

another wedding favour.. We DIY the sticker to make the whole thing look like a film reel and customise it with our names.

there isn't enough boxes to cater all of the popcorn so we end up using it to hold the lollipops instead.
These lovely lollipops were a hit among the kids & ladies!
Colourful, yummy and heart shape. More importantly it's very cheap! <$4 for a pack of 30 or 40 sticks i think. Got it from a tidbits wholesaler.

kids seldom say NO to lollys..hee..

our movie-themed reception. The mega popcorn box was DIY by a close friend and we used it as Angpow box.
The movie photo frame can be bought from Ikea btw..this shot is not by Zonzon too

anor shot by a guest using her mobile

it's a peek-a-boo time. having fun while waiting for march in.

other then the beautiful lake view the stage is what makes us choose Raffles Country Club in the end despite it's uber far location

ahaha..pretty cute for the photography to take this shot. i just find the octopus looks funny standing on the plate like this.

our wedding cake

resting in the bridal suite while waiting for 2nd march in

this is like the typical shots wedding photographers must take

loving all the candid shots and its effect.

love this shot so much!!

ahah we caught the photographer snapping away...

entrance to our reception, with wedding poster displayed at entrance.

it's the stage again

like i mention earlier, i like how ZonZon photography focus not just on the wedding couple but little details like this. kids having fun with dry ice.

anor candid shot of myself looking so fierce if i don't smile

another commendable shot. fast reactions are crucial to a photographer.
i love how he is in time to capture shots like this. this shot is taken when i'm making my thank you speech to my mama, almost immediately he turned and capture this shot!

So that very much make up our movie themed wedding dinner. We are really grateful to have such great help from our bridal party and all of the guests.

We must say we thoroughly enjoyed our day. Looking through the photos and videos, we've seen laughter and more laughter.
It's not easy to be a totally relaxed couple on your big day. But just let nature take its course, let things run and things will be great.

We had so much fun that everything seemed to happen so quickly. 
It was over before we even realize it.

All the appreciation from the guests and feedback made us feel that such efforts are well worth it.

Well if you are planning like 1 year before your wedding, absolutely NO EXCUSE! all it takes is a little DIY effort to make your wedding memorable and unique.

Nothing beats hearing all the positive feedbacks we have from our guests and when we see guests taking pcitures of the little diy and posting them on facebook.

And it doesn't cost a lot of money too...

Have fun with your planning for all brides to be!


  1. Hi, your wedding theme looks so inspirational. Can you please share how to print the popcorn box, movie tickets & table numbers? Thanks!

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  3. Pretty lovely and creative themed wedding! Got reminded about my best friend’s wedding which was few months ago and a themed wedding. It was arranged at one of famous Seattle Wedding venues and had an amazing time there.


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