The complications of pregnancy - Low Amniotic Fluid

At times i really think why is life so unfair? why do most people seemed to go through a smooth pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby and why can't i do it?

Our first ended up in a miscarriage at 10 weeks.

my current sticky bean, based on my 15.5 weeks check up (supposedly safe into 2nd trimester) things are not looking as promisingly though it doesn't look as bad either.

we won't know, went to seek a 2nd opinion from Dr Yvonne Chan at TMC, verdict is still the same, the gynaes can't tell except to adopt a "wait and see" attitude.

So what happened?

To summarise, my amniotic fluid level is not ideal, is a bit on the low side but not criticially low to classify as an emergency.
As a result, there's a lack of space for baby to move about, baby seems squashed and stuck half the time.

But the good news:

Baby's growth measure to date.
kidney, bladder is working, there's urine.  As one of the top reasons for low amniotic fluid is baby's kidneys may not be working hence baby not peeing, leading to low fluid level - we can rule this out for now
Brains, lungs, hands and legs are all developed to date.

Gynae is concerned about the heart but at 16 weeks it's not quite possible to scan to see if anything's wrong, we can only wait for the detailed scan at 20 weeks and was recommended to visit Dr. Ananda at Camden medicla in view of our situation.

We do not know the cause of it as it could be due to stress on my end or there could be a possibility of abnormalities in the baby as advised by Dr. Yvonne Chan.

Whichever it is, i'm drinking more water, trying to rest more, take time off from work and go back to my first gynae again in 3 weeks, 8th June

can't help but worry..but the good thing that comforted us was, initially we thought baby was stuck at a corner with his head lodged downwards on the right side, but the scan with Dr. Yvonne chan shows that baby moved all the way to the left side and lodge himself means there's still space for baby to move!!!

hopefully amniotic fluid will increase by our next check up and baby have more space, else our gynae, Dr. James Lee say he may have to step in and see what he can do if growth of baby is affected.
i wonder if anything can be done from medical point of view, i tried to google for an answer but to no avail.
Dr. James Lee is taking a more relaxed view, asking me to try to rest more and will check back again in 3 weeks to see if baby's growth will be affected, he did not mention anything about an abnormality possibility...
the only thing i managed to find out about causes of low fluid in early pregnancy

1) baby has no kidney or bladder - ruled out
2) kidney or bladder not function well - ruled out as we see a pool of urine from baby...
3) leaking amniotic fluid - ruled out, i didn't soak my panties
4) possible congenital heart problem - this is the only possibility left..and i'm quite concerned

there could still be other unexplained reasons, and i'm hoping it's due to stress or as Dr Yvonne chan suggested it could also be a transition period and sometimes the fluid level just picks up.

whichever it is, i'm praying really hard that we will not have to lose this baby..i can't take another loss..not when i feel so emotionally attached to this one at after 4 months, i've to hear his/her heartbeat everyday to feel at ease...
it's irony, i'm worried but at the same time i have faith with our sticky be able to grow well in such condition and be able to move to another corner, really hope things may not be as bad and there's no abnormalities.


  1. Hi, I hope everything went well for you and baby...

  2. thank you, we are hoping so too...=)


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