Joolz Stroller Review

A friend lent us the Joolz stroller. This 'atas' stroller is retailed at $1798 Price from, one of the super premium brands of strollers available.

In terms of quality, the quality is really good, it makes pushing around and maneuvering a breeze, with suspension, it is stable and smooth for the baby.
Baby ashlene seems to enjoy sleeping in this stroller even if we have to walk through a bumpy road.
Joolz stroller review

Joolz stroller review
On the downside, the stroller is really bulky and makes moving around a challenge, like getting into a lift, we'd take up most of the space in the lift, the huge wheels can also be a challenge when entering or exiting lifts with narrow doors and trying to make a sharp turn without running the huge rear wheels over some poor chap's feet.

Also this carry cot means you probably can only use it for a couple of months till your baby learns to sit up so the product life for this carry cot is relatively short, say 4 mths maximum?
After which you have to purchase another carrier, they called it "Push Chair" that allow the baby to be in a sit up position and prices starts from $148
Joolz stroller review

Also there isn't any safety harness for the carry cot, we risk baby ashlene sliding up and down in the Joolz stroller when going up or down slope or even attempting to cross the kerb in the middle of roads or pavements,. 

Keeping of the joolz stroller is another challenge, it's a no way one person can carry the baby and fix up or dismantle the stroller at the same time.
you need both hands to remove the carry cot from its frame and even then, you need some skills to remove it.

If you were to ask us if we will purchase the joolz stroller or if it's worth the price, sorry I'd say it's a no-go. the inconveniences of using this stroller definitely supercedes its suspension, stability and easy maneuvering (in a huge space) 
Joolz stroller review