Upcoming Baby Fairs 2014

For those who have missed the previous Baby Fairs, here's the list of upcoming Baby Fairs in 2014.

Personally I've visited the Tots Fantastic Baby Care Festival by Motherhood at Singapore expo earlier in Feb and it was a disappointment, there ain't much diaper deals, let alone milk powders. The only thing we've bought were the Heinz Baby Jar food which was at a steal! 7 bottles for $11 or $12 I think and of course I've checked the expiry dates, it's all in 2015. Perhaps it's cos I went on a Friday afternoon so it wasn't crowded at all. They do have interesting contests  for older babies and toddlers such as crawling competition and the search for babies to be on their cover page though

IMO most baby fairs are worth going if you are expecting and getting things for your newborn, for subsequent baby fairs it really depends if there're good diaper or formula milk deals and of course if you are looking at bigger ticket items such as food blender, prams, car seats...etc.

I quite enjoyed Takashimaya Baby Fair though, there're always good discounts on selected toys and items as well as clothes!
I've bought 2 pretty tops for Baby Ashlene at $9 and 2 dresses at $8 at the recent Takashimaya Baby Fair and we got a playpen to act as a play yard for her at only $69!UP was at $79. This playpen is more squarish and much bigger than your usual playpen, shall blog about it later.

Upcoming Baby Fairs 2014

26 Feb - 16 March
Venue: Takashimaya Square
Takashimaya Baby Fair

28 - 30 March
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4
Baby Expo 2014 - claimed to have lowest price guaranteed

18 - 20 April 2014
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 8
Baby Market  Fair by Mummy's Market - one of the massive fairs offering lots of good deals! Do join their facebook page to get updated on their deals.

29 May - 1 June 20141
Venue: Singapore Expo
Motherhood Exhibition

4 July - 6 July
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4 B
Baby Baby 2014 - er since they only take up half of hall 4, I reckon it should be a pretty small scale affair


  1. Hi, will you be making a 2015 list? If so, SuperMom Bazaar is a great inclusion to the list!

    28-30 Aug @ Suntec Convention Level 4

  2. Hi Lynn
    Will definitely include that in. Thanks for the info.


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