Fidgets at the Grandstand (Turf City) Review - Babies / Toddlers area

Brought baby Ashlene to Fidgets at the Grandstand on a Monday. Ain't sure about the weekend crowd but you know how chaotic indoor playgrounds can be with crowds hence thought of checking out the place on a weekday.

Just a little intro about Fidget @ Grandstand
Growing from 10,000 sq feet to 16,000 sq feet - Fidgets World is the flagship store and the largest outlet
under the Fidgets family! Located at The Grandstand, Fidgets World houses multiple concepts under one roof!
With activities such as music, baking, art & craft, makeover and a photo studio - children and even adults will
enjoy endless fun at Fidgets World!

What a right decision it was! Fidget at the Grandstand is pretty empty on a weekday, especially at the babies / toddlers area. Most of the time, there are only 2 or 3 other babies / toddlers at the babies / toddlers section as you can see from the photos.

So..why Fidgets? 
Fidgets at Grandstand Review
1. Read pretty good reviews and saw photos of their babies/ toddlers area. Seems bigger and more fun than the babies / toddlers area at Kids Amaze - Safra Toa Payoh.
The structures were also fully padded, safe to let your baby free play. Major plus point, the play area for babies / toddlers are separated from the older kids play area and older kids are "banned" from playing at the toddlers zone.

2. Free entry for babies below 1 year old!

3. Free usage of lockers

4. Free parking

5. Relatively nearer to home and more accessible (10 minutes drive along PIE)
Fidgets at Grandstand Review
With all the FREE, need I say more?
Of course one of the main deciding factor was the size of the babies / toddlers play area as well as the fact that it's a good trial for baby Ashlene especially that entry is Free.
But I am certainly impressed with how spacious, clean and well maintained the place is, we will definitely be returning.

Fidgets at Grandstand Review
How to get to Fidgets @ Grandstand (Turf city)
Fidgets at Grandstand Review
In my opinion, it's much more convenient to park at the open car park behind Giant / Pasar Bella instead of the open space car park above the car dealers.
It's easier to get to Fidget, located at level 3 via Pasar Bella. Just enter Pasar Bella and take the lift to level 3.
Fidgets at Grandstand Review
Map provided from 
Public Transport
Free shuttle buses to the Grandstand are provided from Toa Payoh MRT! Wootz, how convenient that is for those who doesn't drive.
For more information on the shuttle bus and how to get there as well as their rates, please visit 

And so these shoe racks were the first thing that greeted us when we enter, LOL. There're plenty of shoes racks available so you don't worry about having to plonk your footwear all over the floor and risk someone kicking them away or stepping all over them.

Lockers were also available for use for Free! Just enquire with the counter to get the locket key. However do take note that the penalty is $20 should you lose the key.
Fidgets at Grandstand Review
And Fidgets at Grandstand Review
the art and craft area

The playground for bigger kids, didn't really went in to explore, hence the limited photos. But notice how spacious it is and not as claustrophobic as some of the other indoor playgrounds?

Finally, we are approaching the babies / toddlers play area

Tadah...spacious, empty and looks fun!

 Fidgets at Grandstand Review
The babies / toddlers zone is also located right next to the cafe. They have a few ride ons as well

And the following will be the 2 play structures for babies and toddlers. Good enough for Baby Ashlene to explore. Fidgets at Grandstand Review

 Fidgets at Grandstand Review

Baby Ashlene made a new friend there too! Check out how happy she was. 

 Fidgets at GraFidgets at Grandstand Reviewndstand Review
lost in a pool of balls! Literally having a ball of a time

 and so Baby Ashlene continued having fun at the other structure where she can crawl around so freely
Fidgets at Grandstand Review

Mr. Keir trying to get some pretty shots of Baby Ashlene. While she's finally paying attention to the climbing structure

Baby Ashlene loves to crawl through little tunnels! She's always attempting to crawl under the table or something even when she's at home.

she's having so much fun, she decided to do yoga for a break.

and finally, she notices the mirror there 

Enough of free play and climbing time, it's time for the ride-ons!
The good thing about the ride-ons here, it's really catered to both babies and toddlers. For babies, there are certain models of the coupe cars with floor board attached so you can push your little ones around safely without having to fear hurting their little feet. e.g the pink little coupe Baby Ashlene was in, comes with the floor board attached.

and well, she seems more interested in opening and closing the car door than being pushed around =____=

Mr. Keir suggested to put her in this little tunnel to take a photo because it looks like one of those green tunnels you can jump in for some secret coins stage in Super Marios. Yes Baby Ashlene happened to be dressed like super mario that day. ahaha.

And so we had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves at Fidgets World, Grandstand. Visited the restroom just before we left.
Again, i was impressed by how meticulous they are.

Fidgets at Grandstand Review
They provide slippers for you to wear to the restroom so you will not wet your socks.

and there's even a play pen for you to place your baby in should you need to answer nature's call.
This is really important. I still remembered there was once I didn't dare to visit the rest room at a mall cos I was all alone with Baby Ashlene and I've no idea how to do it!

Changing table that's all padded too! And a urinal for boys.

There, our day ended at Fidget. Baby Ashlene had so much fun she KO-ed soon after she had her milk feed so we managed to eat our lunch in peace at one of the restaurants at level 1 - which i couldn't remember the name.
But they were having this 1 for 1 lunch promotion with DBS card.

All-in-all it's a wonderful day at Fidget Grandstand and we will definitely visit again, even though she probably have to pay the next time we visit.

~ Baby Ashlene @ 1 year old!