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Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party for 1st Birthday

This is another super outdated post, Baby Ashlene finally had a Minnie Mouse Themed birthday party for her 1st Birthday in late September 2014. (yes i know it's already Dec just when i decided to blog about this).

And so it was mummy's first attempt to DIY a Minnie Mouse Themed birthday party or rather a Minnie Mouse themed candy table for her. IMO having a themed party always add some identity to the party itself and makes the planning and decoration so much easier.

As there are tons of DIYs, mummy started preparations months ago! Googling for Minnie Mouse Themed birthday ideas, designing labels etc, sourcing for the right candies to customize the packaging and spending lots of time cutting, pasting, doing the banner etc.

It's a good experience, though the end result looks pretty good ( i mean you can see it's a Minnie Mouse theme), there are lots of little regrets, should-have-done-this-instead-of-that sentiments.

Another lesson learnt, no more chalet celebrations, or rather no more bbq-ing celebrations. It had be much easier if we chose to cater food instead of bbq-ing..grrr... I was so busy the whole day, we were just too worn out after the whole affair.

Ok let's take a look at my very first Minnie Mouse Themed Candy Table!

First was the Minnie mouse themed invitation card. Download the template HERE

a little Minnie Mouse sign (albeit a little too ''little'') outside to help guests identify the place

A Minnie Mouse themed banner hung at the porch outside in order to help guests identify the place, since there are so many chalets at Aloha Loyang, most of which are celebrating birthdays too!
Oh also if you do not have enough time to do all the cutting, this is the easiest banner to make! I made this Minnie Mouse themed banner at the very last minute just the day before the party.
You can download a similar template HERE

 tadah! My 1st DIY Minnie Mouse Themed Candy table! Ashlene's 1st Bday banner with the Minnie mouse head is a tad too small though. And this takes time to cut due to its irregular shape.

 More close up shots of the items on the Minnie Mouse Themed Candy Table

 Different angle shots of the Minnie Mouse Themed candy table. All helium balloons (the polka dots helium balloons and the pretty Minnie Mouse Balloon Bouquet) were bought by Ashlene's godma a.k.a mummy's bff. How blessed Ashlene is to have a godma who always showered her with tons of gifts.

 and so the Number 1 balloon and standing balloon on the left with the Minnie Mouse head is done by my aunt. 

 this was the first Minnie Mouse themed banner done actually and it's too small so i used it for the candy table instead, not bad eh..

 I love how the pink and white balloons from Number 1 blends perfectly with the Minnie Mouse Theme

 DIY  Minnie Mouse Themed labels for bubbles! there're plenty of outdoor space available for the kids to play. this became a hit with the kids and one of those items that went out of stock really fast.

 My DIY marshmallow pops and recycled holder. Couldn't find wrapping paper that is pink with white polka dots, hence i did the design in powerpoint and printed it on my own. Used it to wrap the holder and paste a Minnie Mouse themed medallion over it. Tadah! 

 DIY Nutella brownie cupcakes on a Minnie Mouse themed cupcake stand. Oh i still have a piece off this cupcake stand brand new, looking to let go. Do email me at if you are keen.

 found these cute minnie mouse themed popcorn boxes online and decided to use them to hold serviettes.

DIY Minnie Mouse themed water bottle labels

DIY Minnie Mouse themed chocolate wrappers. finally found a chocolate with pink wrappers. love how pretty it looks on the Minnie Mouse themed candy table

 DIY Minnie mouse oreo pops!

Found these cute looking jars from Daiso and decor them with Minnie Mouse themed medallions and some ribbons, they are a tad too small though.

One of my favorites! Found these pink and white lychee pudding from EGO. Just paste the Minnie Mouse themed medallion over and it looks so pretty on the Minnie Mouse themed candy table.

Another pink candy - Mentos! Just wrap it with my DIY Minnie Mouse themed labels.

 tadah, the minnie mouse tower made by my aunt.

and that's a pretty back view of pretty godma helping with the decor

ordered the Minnie Mouse themed cake from Pine gardens which taste heavenly!

the kids having a bubbly time!

 bought this minnie mouse headband specially for her and guess what? i was so busy that i forgot about it totally when it's cake cutting and photo taking time.

 it's a must to bring the walker there! at least we don't have to keep an eye on her 100% of the time (not like we have the time) she's safer in the walker as compared to roaming around the place freely. Aloha Loyang chalet is huge!

 of cos it's time to eat dinner!

 the birthday girl was so hungry that she's angry with me for feeding her a moment slower as i was busy chatting with the guests while feeding her

 4 cute babies! The rose among the thorns. haha.. it's so difficult to take a proper photo of them.

 Cake cutting time! Notice we are wearing the same family t shirt? This was the 2nd set i've ordered, the first set looks much nicer which i've ordered from taobao but it didn't fit me. I've to sell it away reluctantly and thankfully i found this set on with a shorter shipping time so it came in time for our Minnie Mouse birthday theme.

 the not so good thing about Aloha Loyang chalet is that the living room is non airconditioned and it was such a warm day. By the time we got down to cake cutting and photo taking, Ashlene is starting to be cranky!

Groupie with the group of mummies that we've known and began chatting in our whatsapp group chat ever since we were in the 2nd trimester of our pregnancy! 


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