A Trip to the Singapore Zoo with a Toddler in Tow

And so we finally brought sticky bean to the Singapore Zoo. She was so excited about her trip to the Singapore Zoo, she sat obediently in the car seat self entertaining till we reach our destination.
Again, photos are limited as it's really challenging having to chase an active toddler around and trying to take photos half the time.

We went on a weekday so the Singapore Zoo ain't crowded at all. In fact the Singapore Zoo was a tad too quiet for Sticky bean's liking especially at the children water playground. Usually Sticky bean got really excited with the water playground at Jurong Bird Park, on that morning itself however there were just 2 or 3 other children at the water playground and the water was too cold for our liking as well so we spent less than 30 minutes at the water playground.

If you have a toddler in tow like us, pushing a pram is a must-have! As you have to do quite a bit of walking even though we bought the tram tickets but kind of regretted it as we only took the tram twice since the animal exhibits are not really that far away from each other.

The first exhibit that greeted us was the polar bear. Kind of looking lonely though since there's only 1 polar bear. We were just in time to watch the feeding! With her hyper activeness, we were surprised to see sticky bean staying still for couple of minutes, observing the polar bear in action and feeding.

Photo taking with the "Polar Bear" signalling Daddy & mummy to come join her.

Next, we took the tram to the Children's Zoo to catch the animal show. It will be helpful if you can check out the timings of the shows and animal feeding time via their website and plan your visit to the Singapore Zoo accordingly.

We were a tad early hence we brought Sticky Bean to feed the goats. There were leaves available just beside their pens where children can easily pluck the leaves and feed them to the goats.
Sticky Bean had so much fun feeding the goats.

Then we proceed to the show area. Once again, Sticky Bean surprised us as she sat still and paid attention through out the full animal show! Unfortunately we did not take any photos of the show. The animal show at the children's zoo mainly consist of dogs performing tricks and stunts.

After the animal show, 2 of the performing dogs and 1 cat were brought out for photo taking, giving children a chance to pat them as well.

Sticky Bean love animals!

Finally, it's splashing time at the children's water playground! The water's temperature is a little low for our liking though.
I thought the water playground at Jurong Bird Park appears to be more fun than this one though. for some reasons, Stick Bean ain't too keen in playing at the water playground so we left within 30 minutes. Not too sure if it could be due to the fact that there were no other children around? Sticky Bean gets really excited with other children around most of the time.

Enjoying a kiddy ride at the souvenir shop

Lucky Sticky bean made a friend on the tram and they decided to give her a ride in the wagon they rented at the Singapore Zoo.
If you have more than one toddler with you, consider renting the little wagon from the Zoo at $15. The kids will definitely enjoy their ride in the little wagon.  

We went on to catch the elephant feeding. You can purchase a basket of fruits for $10 to feed the elephants as well.
Proceeded to the food court for lunch there after. Food at places of interest usually cost a bomb so you can expect to get a plate of chicken rice at $10.00.

Sticky Bean fell asleep soon after that and didn't get to see some of the exhibits but well, we are sure she had plenty of fun and will definitely bring her to the Singapore Zoo again!