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A trip to Farmart Centre - The Animal Corner

And so after her goat-feeding experience at the zoo, Sticky Bean has been requesting to go feed goats again. I'm definitely not going to go all the way to the zoo just for the goat-feeding session - not to mention having to pay the entrance fees as well. We intend to revisit Singapore Zoo with Sticky Bean again next month but a mummy simply can't ignore her child's incessant request to feed goats hence I research online to see where else can we feed goats.

Well. I know about Hay diaries hosting visits as well but I'm not too sure if we are allowed to feed goats there. I've also heard about Farmart Centre since a long time ago, again I'm not too sure if they have goats there. Information from their website ain't exactly detailed. The best bet will be to read the reviews from other mummies blog!
I can't express how grateful I am for the invention of a blog, a review from an outside opinion often provide much more information than the official websites.

The Animal Corner at Farmart centre is just 1 of their attractions there, they have couple of other activities such as prawning and there's a food centre there as well. Do visit to find out more.

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Farmart Centre
67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008 (Choa Chu Kang area)

Farmart Centre is quite a distance away from where we stay, we're at central north east and Farmart Centre is all the way at Choa Chu Kang! - even further away than Singapore Zoo. But we've decided to 'take the risk' and still visit Farmart Centre anyway.

Day of visit: Saturday
Time of visit: Noon time

Apparently, the zi char stall at Farmart Centre was highly raved and it can get really crowded in the evenings where families will just visit Farmart Centre just to have dinner there. So we went there with an intention to have lunch. The food stalls are open from 10:00 am all the way to 10pm at night and even till midnight on weekends.

It was kind of drizzly in the morning, good thing Sticky Bean managed to take a power nap in the car.

still sleepy from her nap...

our simple lunch from the zi char stall
And so we ordered the Lala soup, roast chicken, omelette with oyster. The portion served was good enough for big eaters like us and it's really value for money too! The food is nice above benchmark. Nicer than most of the zi char stalls you find near your place.

After a satiating lunch at Farmart Centre, we headed for the Animal Corner immediately. The animal corner is pretty hidden though, there was a sign which says "Animal Corner" and below the sign was an area for birds where bird owners will bring their birds there to mingle and socialise. Some of them were training the birds as well, pretty interesting sight.

So once you spotted that 'birds area' you'll see a flight of stairs leading down to the prawning area. You need to walk past the prawning area before you can spot the Animal Corner at Farmart centre.
The place is not really pram friendly, good thing we kept the pram in the car after our lunch.

Tadah, Farmart Centre's mascot! 

Could be due to the drizzly weather, the Animal Corner at Farmart ain't crowded at all! Woohooo! Remember our experience at The Animal Resort? I was worried that it might be crowded and that the animals will be so full from all the feeding that they will not be responsive with our attempt to feed them. So I was so elated to find the Animal Corner @ Farmart Centre relatively empty.

You can purchase a basket of feeding for $5. It includes leaves for the goats, carrots for the rabbits/guinea pigs/hamsters, pellets for tortoises, frogs, fish and melon seeds for the birds. Though it's more expensive than The Animal Resort which sells 3 types of feeding at $2, the portion's here much bigger.
To us, it was simply worth the money cos all of the animals were hungry and really responsive. They get really excited when you get near, trying to get your attention so you will feed them instead.
On one end, I was glad that they were at least receptive to the feeding but on the other end I wonder if the caretaker there feed the animals at all. What if there ain't that many visitors on that day?

Of course Sticky Bean's first stop was the goats!! These goats were bigger than the kids she fed at the zoo though and they were really jumpy and excited whenever someone goes near them. So Sticky Bean took a step back initially, trying to observe before she attempt to feed them.

She finally decided that the goats passed her 'safety test' and proceeded to feed the goats.

There were 3 goats altogether at Animal Corner @ Farmart Centre. Sticky bean fed all three of them randomly.

Next, she went to the rabbit corner. It seems like she enjoyed feeding the rabbits more. She spent most time with the rabbits while we were at Animal Corner @ Farmart Centre. I guess the rabbits were more tamed hence her preference. As she fed the rabbits, she kept reminding them not to snatch, must share!  =________=  pot calling the kettle black, we've been trying to teach her not to snatch things from others and learn how to share.

And then she walked past the birds. Initially she simply glance at them, stop for a couple of seconds and walked away.

And then we showed her how to feed the birds with the melon seeds, so she came back to feed the birds.
Some of the parrots will say "hello hello", definitely a good way to attract attention to get people to feed them. Sticky bean was amazed when she first heard one of the parrots say hello to her.

And then it was the hamster corner. By then she ran out of carrots - she fed all of the carrots to the rabbits. She was asking us for more carrots but we told her we ran out of carrots. But she was so lucky that we bumped into a really sweet boy here, he came after us and offered a stick of carrot to Sticky bean so she could feed the hamsters. How sweet and thoughtful that is! 

And then it's the frogs! Sticky bean observed the frogs for sometime then dropped some pellets in to feed them.

And then it's the tortoise turn to be fed!

There were lots of catfish in the pond and they were all very hungry! They came really close to the surface whenever we walk near and started battling with each other to get the pellets.
Again Sticky bean start to ask them to share and not to snatch.
It got so bad, she went to the other end and asked the big fishes to 'go away' hahaa...

Look ma' no more seeds already! 

And so she went to and fro to couple of the enclosures. We probably spent a good 1 hour plus there and may return again. Sticky Bean really enjoyed the feeding sessions at Animal Corner @ Farmart Centre. It made the drive there so worth it...

Sticky Bean @ 34 mths


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