DIY Toddlers Activities: DIY Preschool activities with FREE printables

In this post, I'm going to share a series of DIY activities for toddlers and preschoolers done at home with Sticky Bean.
Some of the activities were done some time back so I've decided to collate these outdated post in this blog post.
Most of the activities were done with Sticky Bean when she's 20 - 30 months. Sticky Bean is actually coming to 36 months now, so that's how outdated these activities were.

First I would like to showcase something I'm very proud of. Finally got time to packing and getting a storage solution to sort out the different type of activities we do at home.

Quiet books are so trending right now, I bought tons of felt cloth from taobao and been wanting to start working on it but never get down to doing it. Instead I bought some of the ready-made activities and let Sticky Bean work on her fine motor skills with these DIY activities for preschoolers and toddlers.

The velcro dots were easy for her and she managed to get the zippers right after a few tries. She attempted. When I first introduced these felt DIY activities with her when she was some 20 months, she had problems with the wooden pegs though as it require a bit of strength to open them up.
Now that she's coming to 36months, she absolutely have no problem with them.

FREE Printables - rainbow shape and colour matching puzzles! Got this free printable from one of my favourite website - Itsy Bitsy Fun! Print them out in colour, cut them up and used scotch tape to tape the pieces so that they are reusable over and over again. I'm still contemplating getting a laminator at home.
Download this free printable here
This is just one example of the printables/ busy bags/ folder activities we do at home. We actually have a range of them .Do explore Itsy Bitsy Fun, it's hidden with gems!

Next, we have to create a sense of order for the following Montessori-inspired activity. Matching of the animal figurines in accordance with their image on the flash cards. She mastered this pretty fast at a tender age of 20 months.

And then it's painting with just water. Yes! that's right, plain water. Special colouring books like these are available from the bookstores. It's filled with coloured pigments and all you have to do is to paint with water for the colouring to appear. Mess-free art! I love it!
Sticky bean love this DIY toddlers and preschoolers activities as well. Especially when she was relatively young when I first introduced this to her. (between 18 - 20 months I recall).
Now that she's much older, we've since progressed to painting with Crayola washable colour instead. I still use this on evenings when I'm feeling lazy and she still enjoys it!

And lastly, it's time to learn how to count! Well toddlers start off reciting numbers from 1 to 10. It is important for them to understand the numbers instead of just knowing how to recite them. A lot of times, a toddler may not understand the meaning of 1 or the meaning of having 5. Which one is more or less? This is when simple counting DIY toddlers and preschoolers activities are extremely useful and important.

We merely make use of poms poms and a tray with compartments and got her to place the relavant number of poms poms in accordance to the number. As she do this, she begin to understand 2 is more than 1, 3 is more than 2 and so forth.

I'm a firm believer of hands-on learning and learning through play. I've received positive feedback on Sticky Bean's performance in school as well. Though it wasn't intended for her to perform well academically. I just thought of incorporating educational values and outcome with each DIY toddler and preschooler activity we do at home so the postive feedbacks took me by surprise. 
Go on, try some of these activities with your toddler or preschooler today! 


  1. These all are outstanding kids’ activities to learn something new. I am so pleased to have these ideas as I have to make new weeks’ teaching plan for my Phoenix kindergarten students so these activities can be helpful for me.


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