Explorer Kid @ Downtown East Review

As part of our 4 Day 3 nights staycation at D'Resort, we brought Sticky Bean to Explorer Kid @ Downtown East on Day 1.

Explorer Kid @ Downtown East did a complete overhaul recently in 2016, though I've never been there prior to their overhaul, I heard that the area shrunk.

There is a promotion for guests staying at D'resort and if you're a NTUC member as well, I think we paid $12 for Sticky Bean and it comes with unlimited hours. You can click here to check out their usual rates and packages.

Sticky Bean's cousins joined us at Explorer Kid @ Downtown East as well. At around 36 months, Sticky Bean had plenty of fun at Explorer Kid @ Downtown East. They have a huge area for toddlers and children below 5. 

That's Sticky Bean - all hyped up about our staycation and visiting Explorer Kid!

Sand Play

The first station that greets you when you enter Explorer Kid @ Downtown east is this sand play station where they use kinetic sand for sand play. 
Sticky bean took no interest in this station since there are more exciting stations ahead. Furthermore, the floor was a mess with the little bits of sand and it sticks to your socks. I was secretly hoping that she will not spend time in this room. Imagine my delight when she just peered in and walk away. Yeah!!!! 

Mega Play

And then this is the main play area for older children. Sticky Bean did not spend very long here, obviously, this mega play structure was too advanced for her and the slide was so steep, even I did not enjoy sliding.

Lit Ball Pool

A signature of Explorer kid and the very first station Sticky Bean went straight after. The kiddos have plenty of fun in this lit ball pool until one of the staff came and say it may not be suitable for her as the minimum age is 4 or something, which I later discovered, the minimum age for this station stated on their website is actually 3. 
Thankfully there was a total of 3 ball pools at Explorer Kid @ Downtown East! 
This lit ball pool definitely look inviting, even I feel like diving in! 

Toddler Play Area

We simply love this area. It's huge and doesn't even feel claustrophobic with quite a number of kiddos in here. We were there during the first week of December holidays you see. There were little houses where children can do their pretend play. Sticky Bean spent quite a bit of time here.

There's another ball pit here as well! It's a decent size and Sticky Bean did not miss the chance to dive in too.

Boat House Play Area 

This must be the highlight of the toddler play area. Sticky Bean spends the longest time here. It's like a mega ball pit for her with slides and climbing structures for kiddos her age.
Let's take a look at the rules of this boat house.

I'm not sure how younger toddlers can maneuver this boat house without help from their parents or guardians since adults are not allowed to enter.

Also, they do periodic checks in this area to ensure that older kids are not allowed in. So Sticky Bean had a 6-year-old cousin and he was chased out of the area. If you have a toddler with an older sibling, you may want to take note of this.

Video Area

Initially, I thought this was a resting area for parents, which I found out later it was actually for videos! They play selected cartoons/movies here.

The only downside of Explorer kid @ Downtown East is that you have to get out of the place to visit the restroom. The area where you were supposed to remove your footwear was also a wallk away from the entrace. They could have redesigned the entrance to be right next to the footwear area so you and your child can walk a minimal distance barefooted.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Will I come back again?: Definitely! Especially during off peak period where the price is so reasonable!