the wedding theme

i was pretty excited in coming out with a theme for our BIG day...however as days go by and now that the dates are nearing to our photoshoot and it's time that we really confirm on a proper theme so that we can cater our photoshoot and my gown to be in the right direction, i'm feeling stressed out..

till date there's no single particular movie that really caught our interest enough to mimic after...haiz.

i'm running out of time and ideas...

brain dead....

been surfing alot on the movie / cinematic related wedding theme for ideas...and most of the information found were on a Hollywood Movie Theme..

but that ain't exactly something that will suit Mr. Keir & Me..we're not into the Glam Glam thingy..maybe something lighter and heartier..

 guess what we need now is to find a Genre or specific title and follow that direction!

Any ideas people?