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the wedding venue decided - a dinner banquet afterall

gosh i've been lazy once again to update the blog. But it didn't take long for us to decide on the venue. all the site visit can get really tiring, and after seeing a few places, you'll kind of know which will be the 'Yes this is the place" kind of feel.

Well perhaps this feeling ain't as strong but then again, it kind of fits into our objective of;
 1) a unique place and memorable for the guest.


the location is.................

Super FAR!!!! Not many know of this place I supposed, unless you stay in the West. I've read some reviews online from guests who attend weddings there, most of them were pretty surprised by the beautiful scenery over there.

 So I reckon, there's always the pros & cons. if you want a beautiful scenery, most of the locations will be quite out of the way. Both Mr. Keir and myself love the serenity of this place, in a way it was away from the bustling city and the surrounding is so tranquil and calm.

 I've previously blogged about this venue as one of the shortlisted choices, and yes, it's Raffles Country Club!

Nah, not the one at bt timah but the one nearer to Tuas.
From the foyer, you can enjoy the lush greenery from the golf course as well as serenity of the lake view.
And that's right, it's a perfect place to have our solemnization and we'll definitely urge all of our guests to come before sunset to enjoy this view.

Just some additional images;

I'm absolutely in love with the stage set up. By far, I've not seen anything like this in any other hotel's stage set up. One of its unique kind...wootz..

Invited Bro and family along for the first round of food tasting. Look at how elated BB Zavier was!!
The moment we stepped out onto the foyer, he immediately went 'wohh...ooh..Woaaaa.." and kept giving the "good sign".

That's it! positiveness from a 1yr + toddler can't be any wrong. lolx.

Let's take a close up at the stage...

Pretty unique right?

some snippets of the food...

The food was surprisingly good too! not sure if it's cos it's a food tasting session but they are absolutely generous with the shark's fin and crab meat.

THe orh-ni is absolutely yummilicious too!!

And oh yea, previously we were in this dilemma between a dinner and lunch reception but since costs is the Same! We're going ahead with dinner instead.

Though the location is a tad far from the city, we thought the scenery is really good and well worth the journey.

And we hope that our guests will think so too.......

Well, we can't please the whole world, I supposed there're bound to be complains on the location, i guess we just gotta take it with a pinch of salt.

Like c'mon, it's better than holding it in a typical hotel where the ballroom looks almost similar across all the various hotel in Singapore right? Looking at the indoor pics taken, you probably can't remember which wedding it was that you attended!


  1. Each and everything in life has its own importance....dress..decoration...designing..and at last but not least that is food......yummy! People usually attends lots of wedding and the think they remembered is the , that they had. I bet it was fun to have food at civil wedding venues


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