How to plan the layout of your bedroom

We've been busy shopping around for furniture and ideas for our bedroom so have been neglecting all the blog updates.

At the same time, kind of feeling the pressure since it's a mere 3 months to our wedding and other then the room preparations, nothing else has been done or planned yet for our wedding...*oopz*

anyway just thought how we planned for the room layout was pretty cute. Haha...being also a virgo, Mr. Keir has been pretty organised and have most things well-planned we had this ingenious idea of drawing out our own "blue print" for the room..

Actually Mr. Keir started it, he drew out a general map of our room and this is his version.

a male's version of a map, with ruler, straight lines and precise..

So me decided to have my own detailed version, with close up on the furniture as well as window dimensions

Waha...the difference between a male's map and a female's. Ok maybe it's just me..lazy to use ruler la..
But hey actually mapping out difference layouts and designs of the room can be really helpful in thinking of your room's layout as well as the dimension that you can take.

But sometimes, it's really hard to visual especially if the map is not drawn to scale.
So we had another ingenious idea again! 

We used masking tapes and measure the actual dimensions of the furniture we've shortlisted to see if it fits into our room's layout! much easier to visualize ain't it?

So after a period of contemplating between a platform bed or a storage bed frame, we'd finally decided to give up on the platform bed frame.

Although it's really nice and sensual but it takes up a hell lot of space. having a platform bed also means we need to use a sliding door wardrobe which both of us believe that the mechanism may not be as lasting as a open-door wardrobe. (given my roughness & clumsiness especially)