Light for our Bedroom

To shop for a suitable light for our red / white themed contemporary bedroom, we went to the infamous Balestier of course!

It's like a must go if you're shopping for lights since it's a whole street filled with nothing but lights stores ahaha..
Though disappointing, most of the designs we've seen there across the shops are pretty similar & not much of a difference in price too.

I would love to have a chandelier lighting in our room but since we're no longer doing the red and black theme for the room, a chandelier lighting may not be so suitable. Furthermore the ceiling's not high enough to have a nice chandelier light..

and then..we chanced upon the Nova Furniture at Paya Lebar Road, A-Z building. Didn't know they had lights as well. They are also having a moving out clearance sale and so..the deal is on!!

Tadah! Light for our bedroom has been decided and fixed. For a mere $150 including installation and removal of the old light.

They can arrange for delivery and installation the next working day and timing wise very accurate.
Fix 10am means 10am zhun zhun come!
Good service!

Just that we need to repaint the ceiling a little.
The design blends in totally with our red/white contemporary style neh!

Another good buy both of us were satisfied with!