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Day 1 Taiwan Honeymoon: Singapore - Taipei, TS Hotel

Ok our trip was planned pretty last minute and we booked the air tickets like one week before our departure lol.
So even though we fly by Jetstar asia, the air tickets ain't exactly cheap. Total return tickets for 2 came our to be $900+++.
IMO there's alot of hidden costs when flying with budget carrier but Jetstar's not that bad and they have alot of flights to taiwan.

We took the early flight at 7am so that by the time we reach Taipei, Taoyuan airport, it is about noon time.

There's plenty of airport buses that brings you to Taipei city and is relatively cheap. About SGD6 per person so don't have to waste money taking airport limousines or cabs, they will costs you SGD40 and above.

Just walk to the airport bus terminal and there're tons of buses for you to choose from.

For us we took the Kuo Kang Bus, recommended by TS hotel staff to Ximending.
Gotta change the shuttle bus though and a separate bus drop us at Ximending station where it's 5mins walking distance to our hotel.

Finally arrived at our hotel, TS Hotel, Ta Shun Hotel, at Ximending.
THe location is super convenient its like less than 5 minutes walk from Ximending MRT exit.
And 5 minutes walk to the Ximending shopping district.

There's convenience store just opposite the hotel and also the famous Fei Tian Steamboat and 85 Degree cafe..woohoo....

here's our room, we took the deluxe suite as the normal ones were fully booked. they were having a promo for the normal rooms at only NT1980 per night! that explains why it was booked so fast. So we settle for the suite at NT2380 a night (SGD100)

Also requested for a room with bath tub as i love the soak in baths whenever i'm travelling. perfect relaxation. The tub is so-so nia..actually their toilet is so-so la.

TS hotel is one of the top 10 popular hotels in Ximending among Singaporeans. It's a pretty small hotel with only 7 levels and i think less than 8 rooms per level, looks like a family run business.
Overall it's pretty clean, service is good, breakfast is decent but not much variety but at least there's toast & porridge available.

Room itself what's lacking is a proper dressing area! they have a table there but there are no mirrors available. Zzz..
In fact for the whole room there's only 1 mirror in the bathroom and a smaller one at the wardrobe..

Ok so after resting a while and unpacking our stuffs in the hotel, we decided to just spend the rest of the day around the area since it's already late afternoon.

so this is the infamous Ah Zhong mian xian. We didn't try it on 1st day cos it was a weekend and the Q is crazy!
anyway when we finally get to try it, definitely not worth the Q. imo not nice at all..eeeyerrrrr

because it is a super rest and relax trip for us, we went to catch The Avengers at Ximending haha..their movie tickets about the same prices as ours i think it's about $13 per pax but inclusive of drinks and popcorns.
The theater is pretty small though.

this is like popiah with ice cream and tons of peanut. thought it looks good  cos they shave the peanut off from this huge block and it looks really fresh....

an chun dan!

So that was us enjoying the street food. in fact i think we skipped dinner cos the street food was enough to make us satiated...haha..bought lots of snacks and cup noodles back to hotel room to chill out for the rest of the night though...


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