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Day 2 Taiwan Trip: Jiufen & Taipei Main Citymall

Another relatively relaxing day for us, we woke up for the hotel's breakfast, went back to our room to snooze a while and head to 85 Degree Cafe opposite TS hotel for kopi. The coffee there looks really good and of cos I can;t resist their cakes too.

The cakes and coffee prices are so reasonable, I had a cup of sea salt coffee at only NT45 that's about SGD2 and the cakes were all around those prices too i think

the sea salt coffee was my favourite!! omg super nice and i have to have it the next day too. THe sea salt taste is just nice and enhances the coffee flavour altogether. this strawberry cake is super nice too!!

So after breakie we make our way to Jiufen which is quite a distance from city.
Gotta take the MRT from Ximending to Taipei main station and from there change to the TRA line to Ruiefang station and change to the JinGuaShan / Jiufen bus outside the train station.

The TRA journey was about 1 hour or 1 hr plus if i didn't remember wrongly.

 this is the TRA train, the olden type of train like our old mrt like that...

 thought this building looks really cool hanging the instruments as decor.

so this is the RueiFang Train Station. Cross to the bus stop opposite and you can see the buses going up to Jinguashi/ Jiufen / Shifen

After a long journey, we're finally at Jiufen! and this is the first snack i bought almost immediately after we got off the bus.

roasted cuttlefish!!

 this is one of the local delicacy and must eat in Jiufen, the Taro Balls. So we went in and try..

the view here is great! and there's aircon! haha..perfect for such a warm weather

That's our Taro actually  i think we should have shared one, i think of it as so-so and normal only? just that weather is warm so it's shiok to have this.

check out the gigantic "Luo" shit i suddenly forget what is that called..something like escargot.. we tried that and it's yummy!! only NT100 - <SGD4 

another must try at Jiufen is all these fishball or mixed fish patties...

The view at Jiufen is splendid! air there is so fresh too!!!

they have alot of cafes and tea houses along the stretch too and i love how this tea house decorate their place. those are tea leaves placed in test tube

 very vintage decor with their teas leaves...

 more vintage staffs...

remember to wear a pair of comfy shoes there're tons and tons of steps to conquer

a nostalgic cinema just like in the olden days!

and this old film projector is still working! they are show casing some old movies inside..

 spells - OLD SCHOOL!!!

we tried to cut through and walked down endless flight of stairs only to realize we've like walk down half the hill!! wonder both our legs were going soft by the time we finally find the exit to the road to take the

Our legs were still soft when we reach Taipei Main Station, so we head over for a cup of nice kopi and relax a while and enjoy the free wi-fi at Mr. brown before exploring Taipei City mall which is very much an  underground mall. The guys who like otaku, anime, comics stuff will like this place, they have a whole stretch of otaku shops here...

 our cuppa....looks and smells good...


 and coincidentally, we chanced up these machines! these were the vending easypay machines selling Teach Kevin's beauty products (from Niu Ren Wo Zui Da)
THey are at the basement of the mall.

 it's back to ximending for dinner, they actually have such a pretty temple like amidst the shophouses...

 Finally it's Feitian Steamboat for Dinner!! woohoo...

 Look at the variety of food you get, and it's very fresh too! the main difference between Fei Tian and the steamboat in Singapore, you get super good quality stuffs too. And we're paying about the same price for the steamboat in Singapore about $22 per pax.

The clean and fresh sauces for you to mix...

oh the canned drink is free flow too...

and you know what? Angus beef is part of the free flow..omg the beef is damn good la!!!

 guess what's for dessert? it's haagen daz ice cream!!

not just that, they have an array of cakes and fruits for you too choose for dessert too!

Super value for money and definitely a must go if you visit taipei!!

and guess what greeted us when we stepped out of Fei tian steamboat?

THe first time we witness the aggressiveness of the paparazzi in Taiwan man!! there're like close to 8 camera men haunting on the target loh...


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