Back-dating again..the Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Here i am, back-dating my posts and yes you may have guessed the reason for doing so!!
by the time you see this post, i'm already 12 weeks preggie! safe into 2nd trimester.

After the last miscarraige in July 2012, my menses cycle has been erractic.

and then in early March, i had this strong feeling that i could be pregnant and decided to whip out the test kit to prove myself right.

There it was 2 visible, strong lines.

The line is so much more obvious and visible as compared to my previous pregnancy..
Still trying not to be disappointed, I've bought a different test kit just to confirm that I am indeed preggie.

The early pregnancy symptoms:
was having what seemed like pre-menses cramp
whole body was aching and it felt like a flu is coming
My temperature remained high even after what i though could be ovulation and did not drop since

Not wanting to go through what we went through with the previous pregnancy that ended up in a miscarriage. i.e. not wanting to visit the gyane so soon from detecting only a pregnancy sac to seeing the foetus forming and heartbeat and eventually losing the heartbeat at the 10th week check up.
We've decided to booked our first gynae appointment only at end of March, which i should be estimated at about 8 weeks.
There should be a heartbeat by then.

Symptom in 5th week.
 the morning sickness worsen. Used to be just feeling very bloated and gagging when i smell certain things. But i just started puking this morning after walking into the pantry and smelling a colleague's oily, beehoon breakie. gosh...still feeling quesy in the stomach.

I've on and off light brown spottings and a tinge of red spotting for a day. thank god the red spotting is just a one-time event and it did not happen again.

crampings on and off that felt really different from menses cramp. this time round it felt like muscles were stretching from within the uterus.