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Pregnancy Week 6

Hmm entering into Week 6, We pushed forward our first Gynae appointment to coming Saturday instead. kind of excited and looking forward but afraid at the same time.
due to the past miscarriage I can't help but let my imagination run wild about this pregnancy.

Really do hope it will be a smooth pregnancy and baby will be healthy and born full term.

At 6 weeks, the brown spotting seemed to stopped. My morning sickness was so much better, I kind of stopped puking though I still feel queasy and nauseous occasionally.

Been feeling tired most of the day and still sleeping early at 10ish at night.
Finding it hard to focus at work
Finding drinking plain water a challenge, there seems to be a bitterness in the plain water.
still feeling bloated but definitely eating more compared to in week 5 where I cant finish a meal.

Post result - after our first appt at the gynae

We're able to detect the heartbeat! Gynae is more confident in this pregnancy then the previous as well and even commented that heartbeat is strong so all is good.
Unlike the previous pregnancy, where gynae just kept reminding us that we're still in early pregnancy and anything can happen..this give us confidence.

but it did not remove my phobia...each time I went for my scan, i'd get paranoid and worry if the heartbeat will stop beating any moment...


  1. Hello
    I happened to read your blog when I search about foods to eat after miscarriage. Then I started reading your blog becos I am having the same kind of feelings(esp the green monster part worst still my sis is pregnant ard the same time as me)& I believe I'll have the same phobia as you for my next pregnancy (I hope I still can & will be soon). I have been negative since I went thru d&c on 22 April. Although my gynae said is very common nowadays but I still couldn't believe such thing happen to me.
    Nevertheless I still try my very best to think positive & pray hard I can get pregnant soon & will have a smooth pregnancy & healthy baby.
    Sorry for such long mail. I just feel like sharing wif u..
    Lastly hope everything will smooth for you & best luck :)

  2. hi wendy..

    so sorry to hear about your lost as well. please do be positive. I know it's tough and all the more I was very impatient to conceive. did my D&C in July last year and only managed to get pregnant in March this year.
    I think to totally get over it, we will need to have a full healthy pregnancy.
    even for now i'm very paranoid about the little one inside due to the previous experience and especially when it was a missed miscarriage I tend to be really scared before each gyane appointment as I do not want to be "surprised" by any more bad news...

    even though i'm past 12 weeks and gynae keep saying that bb is very stable for now and anything untoward should not happen unless it's due to accident or something I still feel really paranoid if the bb's heart will just stop beating anytime. especially when my next appointment is a month away.

    keep faith and you'll be blessed with another baby soon!

  3. Hi Drea, similar to Wendy, I stumbled on your post when I was googling on foods to eat after a miscarriage. Specifically the ba zhen soup. Thank you for your blog, it's been inspiring and strikes a cord with me. Many of the emotions I'm going through I read them here and it tells me I'm not alone...or paranoid.. Congrats on your baby and keep on posting!

    1. Hi petite bois
      Thank you for leaving me a note and I'm glad that my blog has been able to inspire you.
      After my first miscarriage I actually realized that miscarriages are a lot more common than we thought and things happened for a reason.
      More importstly we must know how to take good care of our body to condition it and wait till it's ready to conceive again.
      Unless one went through what we did else I doubt anyone can truly understand why we are so paranoid and the fear of each gynae visit.
      Even on the day I deliver I'm worried about having a still birth.
      Do have faith and I'm sure all of us will be rewarded just like how I'm being rewarded with our precious baby Ashlene though premature but at least she's given the clean bill of health.


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