Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore

How to get Free Shipping to Singapore from Amazon or How to purchase from 
Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore
I've a few friends asking how to qualify for the Free Shipping for purchases from Amazon to Singapore. And I've purchased quite a number of baby products for Baby Ashlene from Amazon, all with Free Shipping from Amazon!
So thought of sharing a mini tutorial here.

First here's a summary of requirements to be eligible for Amazon free shipping Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore
1) Min purchase of USD125
2) Item must be under Amazon Global International Shipping eligible (will be showing you how to check)
3) item must be sold and shipped by Amazon

Please note NOT ALL items shipped and sold by Amazon is eligible for Free Shipping to Singapore.
At times, even if the item is not eligible for free shipping, you may still try your luck and chat with the Amazon customer service rep online if there's anyway they can waive it off for you.
I've got my fisherprice jumperoo shipment fee waived. *grins**

Before I start on the tutorial, here are some of the recommended or "Must Buy" baby items from, the items are so much cheaper than in the retail shop here, some of them are merely half of the retail price

1) Avent milk bottles - i bought 2 9oz avent bottles for baby ashlene at SGD13 only!
2) Munchkin products - slightly cheaper than SG. I think i bought a pair of snacks catcher bowls at SGD7-8 retail selling like SGD14.90 or so if i did not recall wrongly
3) Fisher price items
4) Baby Einstein items
5) some baby toys by Sassy, tiny love etc
6) Nuk products - bought this hello kitty sippy cup at less than SGD10, this design is not available in SG n SG selling $14.90 or something for other designs
Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore
Alrightey so here goes:
Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore
How to get Free Shipping to Singapore from Amazon or How to purchase from
Step 1: at filter category accordingly and type in the brand name or product description

Step 2: i'm using fisher price as an example under BABY Category

Step 3: the results will be generated. Look at the menu bar on the left and scroll down..

Step 4: Now see this International Shipping option? check the box for Amazon global eligible. Also under Seller check

Step 5: There you go, all items displayed are eligible for Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore

There might be times where you preferred to browse through best sellers or something. In this case, the shipping option and seller option in Step 5 may not appear.
So when viewing on the individual page, here's how to find out if item is sold and shipped by amazon and if it's eligible for Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore.

If all of the items you purchased are under eligible for free global shipping and sold and shipped by amazon, there should be no shipping fee when you check out.
If you encounter any shipping fees, most probably there is an item in your cart that is not eligible for free shipping, you have to try removing item by item to figure out which item was it.
The easiest method in this case will be to contact their customer service rep. It's just so simple, they have an online chat option and solved your problem instantaneously.
I'm impressed by amazon.

You should receive your items in 2-3 weeks time. Items often arrives much earlier than their ETA. and the good thing about amazon, they only start to charge you once they've shipped your items.
Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore


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