Sticky Bean's very first Swim @ 6 months old

Sticky Bean had her very first swimming “lesson” at Auntie Yz’s place. She took to the waters so natural it was as though she thought she’s on land, on her tummy, kicking and moving her legs gradually.

Getting ready to get into the waters with her bumble bee swimming costume!

 look at her cheeky face

 so cute the swimming costume came with wings at the back and a little tail

Can tell from her expression how much she hated this float.

So did she like to swim?
Seriously I don’t know but at least she’s not screaming nor crying the moment she touches the water. Perhaps I was holding on to her so she felt safe?
Her movements seemed to suggest that the environment was au naturale to her.

One thing for sure, she hates this float though, not sure if it’s because it’s causing her discomfort or was it because she feels insecure that mummy is not holding on to her.

Anyway we (the adults) definitely seemed to be much more excited than her. Haha

 still thinking about what's going on? does it feel different in the water?

 that's how comfy she feels after the float was removed

 floats naturally...

 feeling so comfy she started chomping on her "drumstick""

 and she continues chomping...

 attempting to stand in water

staring at Kaelyn jie jie enjoying her swim