1st Birthday Free Minnie Mouse Printables

And so it was decided much earlier that I shall stick to a theme to work with for Ashlene's 1st Birthday!
It's always much easier to decorate a party when you have a theme to work with, thus we've or rather I've decided on the Minnie Mouse theme.
You can take a look at how the project turned out on Ashlene's 1st Minnie Mouse Birthday Party post.

It's gona be another of mummy's DIY project again! This is probably my only hobby right now haha.
I've been googling alot for Minnie Mouse party ideas and there're plenty of references, guides, tips and even free printables!

I'm doing tons of printables on my own and there will be a mini Minnie Mouse dessert table for Ashlene's 1st birthday too.

Just to share for some of the free minnie mouse printables i've came across, some of them are can be customized so just use add your child's name or even photo on it and voila! Your very own customized minnie mouse birthday party printables.

Free Printable Minnie Mouse Purse - perfect for treats box or to pack your favours


Minnie mouse happy birthday banner printable
minnie mouse bowtique birthday party minnie mouse birthday party banner

Minnie mouse label pack printable
minnie mouse bowtique birthday labels

These are just some shortlisted Free Minnie Mouse Printables, do go to the link below for more designs to choose from.

Almost full range of Minnie mouse party printable


I'm using this template for most of the stuffs and making use of the minnie mouse medallion design and changed the stripes to pink with white polka dots instead.
Once all the prep has been done, i shall share the pictures.

Free SVG and Pintable Minnie Birthday Kit

Great sites for Minnie Mouse Birthday Party inspirations and ideas 
Printables aside,  the web is an excellent source for Minnie Mouse birthday ideas and inspirations .
Just to share some of my few favorites sites to get inspirations for DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday Party.

Catch My Party
Karas Party Ideas